Building Muscle
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My Instagram feed often floods with the gym guys with a caption 'Fitness Freak' along with their post. I even do find posts of girls going crazy for fitness and posting pictures on Instagram profiles with their six-pack abs! I think it's time to be more health-conscious, where the concept of going to the gym is aggressively accepted worldwide. People are doing regular diets, planning and following their exercise schedules, having daily gym work-outs, and overall are willing to spend time, effort, and money, in their health betterment. Finally, I believe its time for me to join a gym - Just kidding!

Gaining muscle is one of the primary objectives of people going to the gym. While you exercise daily, you can earn a lot of strength, too! It is of utmost true that you can add muscles to your physique by eating correctly, burning more calories, and lifting-up weights. However, most of the fitness coaches believe that consuming supplements can surprisingly add muscle power to your regular add-ons. The dilemma is, what all supplements you must powder in your body to get the maximum out of it? We have come up with a list of the three best supplements that you can have to gain muscles wisely.

1. The Protein Powder is the Unbeatable Option:

No protein is equal to No Muscle! Proteins help the utmost in gaining muscles. Some sources of your regular food like Eggs, Chicken, Whitefish, and Beef if you are a non-vegetarian, and Seitan, Tofu, Chickpeas, Lentils, Green peas, Hempseed, Edamame, and Beans, if you are a vegetarian, give you the protein supply.

For accomplishing the extra mile, you can have protein supplements apart from your food. To name a few, Whey, Casein, and Soy protein are the best options for supplementing your muscles. Whey proteins are the milky protein synthesis boosters, which are nothing but the Amino acids in high stigma. The peptides in it will help increase the blood flow immediately after the work-out.

Casein is another milky protein that has a slow rate of digestive ability. You can have casein post-training to benefit out of it the best for gaining muscles. This protein is competent in preventing catabolism while you are sleeping. It is a strong competitor to Whey otherwise.

Soy protein powder is an irreplaceable alternative for vegans and vegetarians. The Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) in the Soy protein helps in gaining muscles better. Soy remains the third choice after Whey and Casein as a protein supplement. According to a study, 1.2 to 2.0 grams of protein per kg weight is beneficial to have consumed as a supplement. 
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2. Creatine Supplements are the Second Choice:

Our body produces creatine within. Perhaps, you still can have it as a supplement from outside to gain more muscles. Creatine, made out of three major elements glycine, arginine, and methionine, supplies energy to muscles and stimulates other tissues also. There are multiple benefits of having creatine supplemented into your body.

Firstly, it gives energy to your muscles. The energized muscles can make up more in the gym and exercise well. It will, in turn, help gain muscle mass. Keeping your muscles grow like this by providing strength to it can help you build a muscular body in the long run.

Secondly, creatine retains a better water level in your muscles. The cells with more water content can fasten the swelling in muscles and thus help you with gaining more weight. Thirdly, creatine can also boost hormonal development in the bodies. For instance, the IGF-1 hormone, which is a growth agent, can get doubled by having creatine.

It will help in preventing the protein breakdown in your body and signal the muscles to stimulate. You should take creatine in a pair. 2-5 grams pre-training to have the energy of doing reps and 2-5 grams post-work-out to raise the IGF-1 insulin in your body. Besides this, if you want to build muscle at a rapid pace, then you should buy steroids online and consume it with some carbohydrates to gain size and strength.
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3. The Weight Gainers are Something You Surely Want:

Although there is nothing special about weight gainers alike the other two, it can help you with gaining muscles up to an extent you want or maybe up to its limits. Nutritionists suggest that if you hold prosperous health, then only you should consume the weight gainer supplements. If you owe some kidney or liver illness and consume weight gainers, the effect might not be in your blessing.

Furthermore, your diet needs to be in a perfect direction if you are about to consume weight gainers. Supplementing weight gainers in your body will result in water weight. This weight would lose if your diet goes out of the track even a bit, and you will end up in a bloated body and not a muscular one.

Weight gainers have pretty good calories. Often misconceived as proteins, the weight gainers are more of carbs that ensure high-calorie supplies. The carbs consumption dulls the cortisol levels, prevents muscles from breaking apart, and rapids the insulin levels to result in instant muscle growth.

Having weight gainer supplements can help you wear a lean muscular shape. However, this magic stays till the time you eat suitably. You have had to struggle a lot between eating more proteins, having more good food in the diet, or having a sipper of weight gainer shake in your meals. Tolerably strange, one serve of weight gainer supplement can equip you with about 1,000 calories! It is, therefore, advisable to have them intelligently. 
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The Last Line - Always keep your exercise, meals, and supplements in sync. Never overcome with supplements from the other two!