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Plants make a lot of difference to your life and lifestyle, without you even knowing about it. So, it is essential to choose plants that suit your personality the best. Below mentioned are some ideas. Also, you can get an appropriate flowerpot using HotOzcoupon coupon codes at discounted rates.

1. Peace Lily

Best suited for: Someone who loves peace
The peace lily is a beautiful flower plant that does best in moist soil. With this plant in your house, you'll have a positive mind filled with peace and positive thoughts. It is also an excellent option for gifting to someone who has gone through a recent loss or needs a happy reminder of peace. 

2. Stromanthe Triostar

Best suited for: People who are very open-minded, extroverted, very less neurotic and highly conscientious

For all the happy-go-lucky people looking to try out new plants for their homes, here's an excellent option for your curiosity and love. This large and colourful plant is perfect for you as you reflect your open and vibrant personality through it. Need not worry, as it doesn't require a lot of maintenance. Being attractive and eye-catching, it is going to be a conversation starter at your next house party. 

3. Cactus

Best suited for: Someone who doesn't fear to go through a tough time and who is very determined 

With almost negligible maintenance, cactus stands straight with thorns in it. People who are very determined can get a lot of motivation from this plant. It motivates you to keep going in every circumstance and stay positive, no matter how many negative things persist in your life. 

4. Spider Plants

Best suited for: Self-centred people who are very low in openness and are happy with their own company 

This personality is not a shame but a blessing. Being self-centred and loving yourself the most is not a cup of tea for every person. Coming to plants, spider plants are the best choice for people with such personality. The adaptable plant requires low maintenance and is a timeless classic. So, bring a new partner to your home that will add quality to your life. 

5. Red Prayer Plants

Best suited for: Someone who is very reserved, very less extroverted, quite conscientious and responsible 

As it thrives, red prayer-plants become a constant source of happiness. The plant is self-sufficient to grow but needs to be misted on the reg. If a person who's reserved and is at his best with his people, then the plant will keep the owner content and happy at home. 

6. Parlor Palms

Best suited for: People who are highly neurotic and agreeable and quickly adapt to circumstances.

If you're not too attracted to unusual things, try out parlour palms. The plant is enough lush and beautiful to make you feel like a plant parent. The super adaptable plant will become a happy part of your life as soon as you bring it home.

Plants reflect as well as affect your personality. So, make sure it is in the right way! Also check Best Houseplants To De-Stress Your Home and Purify the Air