No matter how many hours you sleep at night or the number of concealers you apply to hide it, it is still there. I am referring to your dark eye circles. Yes, I know, it is so inconvenient that you have to go through your long makeup routine every day just to hide. Teabags, collagen protein powder, cucumbers, tomatoes and all the best concealers you have tried but it won't go away. Until you hope that your fairy godmother can hear you and wish that those dark eye circles will go away forever!

But do you know that you don’t need a fairy godmother to remove your dark eye circles? All you have to do is undergo a dark eye circles treatment at Cambridge Therapeutics to magically remove those bothersome dark eye circles. Let us find out more about how this treatment works!

What causes dark eye circles?

Dark eye circles are common to men and women. It is mostly accompanied by bags that make you look older. Though it can affect everybody, it is mostly seen in older people, genetic reasons and people who are from ethnic groups with darker skin tones. Let us see what are the causes of dark eye circles.


Sleep deprivation can cause your skin to become pale which allows dark tissues to show up. Oversleeping, stress, and over-fatigue also increase the appearance of dark eye circles.

Physiological Factors

Reduced amounts of fatty tissue in the eye area can also cause dark eye circles. That leads to thinning the skin under the eyes and exposing the underlying blood vessels. Also, some allergic reactions to certain substances can cause dark eye circles. It urges you to rub the itchy skin around your eyes which worsens the dark circles.


As you age, your skin becomes thinner. Loss of fatty tissues and collagen occurs which affects your skin's elasticity. This causes the visibility of dark blood vessels beneath your skin to appear. These inevitable parts of the ageing process can cause dark circles and hollowness under the eyes to appear more conspicuous, especially in people approaching their forties or fifties.


Hyperpigmentation develops when the skin produced more melanin than it should. If it occurs in the area under the eyes, it can appear darker than usual. Hyperpigmentation is mostly caused by too much exposure to harmful UV rays and compression of blood under the eyes.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Dark eye circles are one of the causes of excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking. A smoker’s face is dehydrated which causes darkening of skin under the eyes.

Eye Strain

Staring at your computer, cellphones and television can cause strain on your eyes. This causes the enlargement of blood vessels and resulting in the darkening of the skin around your eyes.


It runs in the family! Family history plays a big part in developing dark eye circles. IT can be inherited since birth and possibly get worse as you get older.

Dark Eye Circles Treatment

There are at-home and medical treatments available to improve the dark circles in your eyes. Let us see what are those!

  • Home Remedies
  • Get enough sleep
  • Apply a cold compress
  • Soak with tea bags
  • Alcohol reduction
  • Avoid excess salt
  • Drink or eat foods rich in vitamin c
  • Potatoes and cucumbers
  • Elevate your head when you sleep
  • Medical Treatments
  • Surgical implants or synthetic products or fats
  • Remove excess fat and skin
  • Tissue fillers
  • Laser surgery
  • Chemical peels
If these home remedies did not work and you do not want to go under the knife just to remove those dark eye circles, then this must be the solution to your problem. It is a dark eye circles treatment offered by Cambridge Therapeutics, The EyeBRITE.

Cambridge Therapeutics

It is a medi-spa in Singapore that offers non-invasive treatments using the latest technology for the face and body. When it comes to beauty goals, they follow a health care model. They provide a full circle solution which is from consultation to assessment to recommendation to treatment. They offer a complete package. 

What is EyeBrite?

It is patented triple-acting collagen stimulating treatment that helps get rid of dark eye circles. The use of collagen stimulation, it improves hydration and restores volume. For those cases that have been successfully treated, dark eye circles treatment's ingredients give a sustainable repairing action for skin suffering from ageing. Aside from treating dark eye circles, it is also recommended for eye bags removal and improving sunken tear trough areas.

Benefits of EyeBRITE (Dark Eye Circles Treatment)

EyeBRITE has three main benefits: Rejuvenate, Refresh and Reshape. After the treatment, you will be able to see the results immediately but of course, that may vary on the type of skin you have.
  • Rejuvenate- It deeply penetrates the dermis layer of the skin. It helps the skin cells to quickly produce a more supply of collagen. This will make the skin more clear.
  • Reshape- Due to the new production of collagen, it makes skin smooth and the face glow youthfully.
  • Reverse- A glycolic acid is applied to soften epidermal barrier lipids boosting skin elasticity. It makes the under-eye radiant and lightened.

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For more information about the Dark Eye Circles Treatment, you may check out Cambridge Therapeutics.

And lastly, please consider a doctor’s visit or always consult your doctor to avoid any complications. Though dark eye circles are not an emergency matter, a doctor's assessment and recommendation are important on how to get rid of it.

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