It does not matter how you call it whether 360 waves, spinnas, 360s, or even waves any can do. This unique and appealing style is trendy among African-American men. The fashion is a short hairstyle that is cool but requires a little bit of effort to get and maintain it. 

The products needed to get this style are a shampoo or conditioner, du-rag, brush, and a moisturizer or pomade for 360 waves. Pomade is advisable to use only at the beginning of the process, and you should not sleep with it overnight. This is because pomade can cause acne as it clogs the pores and traps grease and dirt in them. With the above products ready, follow the following steps to get 360 waves.

1. Hair preparation

The first step is to get a buzz cut to reduce the hair size to be a little shorter. The hair should not be too short to a point where the scalp is seen. The hair must be healthy for it to grow beautiful and long. Individuals with dandruff or scalp problems issues need to deal with those problems first before using specialized scalp shampoo. Wash your hair with a shampoo specifically made for men who want waves.

2. Brushing Routine

After washing the hair, apply moisturizer and pomade and start brushing the hair starting from the crown of the head. Start by brushing the hair from the top moving forward, then sideways and then backward. Then start from the crown again, now brushing in a circle. Brushing is an essential part of getting waves. You have to be patient because this part should take around thirty minutes every day. When the hair is still short, use soft brush and change to hard brush as the hair gets longer.

3. Wiping the hair

After brushing for one to two minutes, deep a washcloth in hot water then squeeze some of the water from it. Place it on your hair and wipe down. Do the same on the sides and back of your hair. Again continue with the brushing process moving round your head. Brushing must be even to ensure waves appear in every part of the head. This should take fifteen to thirty minutes.

4. Get a Du-rag

Du-rag is a vital tool in the waving process. It hydrates the scalp by maintaining moisture and also keeps the hair in position overnight. Sleeping without a du-rag can mess up your hair, making all your efforts go unnoticed. Make sure the du-rag is tight but not very tight. After thirty minutes with the du-rag on, remove it and brush again. Always make sure you sleep wearing the du-rag.

5. Maintain the waves

To get the waves, you have to keep the hair hydrated. Moisten the du-rag every time before you put it on. Also, ensure you drink a lot of water and take more vitamins to keep your hair healthy. Remember to keep brushing and putting on a du-rag before going to sleep. You should wash your hair regularly when developing waves. Wash it at least once a week.

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And there you go with five simple steps that, combined with patience and persistence, will give you the best results with 360 waves in a couple of weeks.