As the cosmetics market emerges, so does the demand for cosmetic organiser. No matter in big department stores or cosmetic counters, cosmetic organiser seems to be universal and indispensable. It not only assists in making good use of the available space but also leaves a tidy and delicate impression on customers. In this article, we’ll list three main types of cosmetic organiser and their characteristics for you.

When a woman approaches a cosmetic counter, she will notice the layout of the cosmetic organiser at first glance. Then the next thing is the cosmetics. Therefore, to many cosmetics shopkeepers, the cosmetic organiser is more than a storage box but a superior display for their products and brands. This explains the massive market needs for cosmetic organiser these years. 

In response to that, many manufacturers speed up their product research and development, committing themselves to create the best cosmetic organiser in the world. Take Fuhui as an example. With over 20 years of experience, Fuhui is an innovative product designer, researcher, and developer perfectly rolled into one. This company specializes in producing top-class Perspex display products. It has been gaining market share in America, Japan, and Europe these years.

When it comes to picking the ideal cosmetic organiser that can perfectly match the unique style of the shop and the image of the brand, the first and the most important thing is to choose the right type of cosmetic organiser. Therefore, we do some research and list three main types of cosmetic organiser and their characteristics as follows.

Wooden Cosmetic Organiser

With natural wood as the material, this type of cosmetic organiser embraces the principle of protecting the natural environment, revealing the natural and original beauty to the fullest. Moreover, the wood material can tinge the air with its fragrance, which adds more distinguished texture and warmth to the environment of the cosmetics shop.

In this case, a wooden cosmetic organiser is a top pick when most of the customers are those with a high level of consumption. However, there are also some disadvantages to a wooden cosmetic organiser. It can be challenging to move this product on account of its weight and the weight of the cosmetics. Besides, many parts of a wooden cosmetic organiser need to be combined with adhesives, which may contain formaldehyde and leave an adverse impact on the indoor environment.

Metal Cosmetic Organiser

High hardness is one of the remarkable advantages of a metal cosmetic organiser. On the one hand, the physical characteristics determine the hard and cold feature of this type of cosmetic organiser, which is contrary to the warm texture people like. On the other hand, it is the metal material of this cosmetic organiser that contributes a longer service life and fewer maintenance costs. One disadvantage of a metal cosmetic organiser is that the material may cause some disturbing and unpleasant sounds of impact.

Acrylic Cosmetic Organiser

As a new and practical material, acrylic is also called the plexiglass. Generally, the impact resistance of acrylic is 16 times that of ordinary glass, which is especially suitable for installation in places with a massive flow of people. As for display function, the transparency of this type of cosmetic organiser facilitates every customer to check the whole shape of cosmetics quickly without picking up any of them.

Take Multifunction Clear Acrylic Cosmetic organiser with Drawers from Fuhui as an example. This product made of acrylic material has a sound construction. It can contain lipsticks, eyebrow pencils, mascaras, blushers, foundations, and so on. OEM and ODM are both available, so this product can be designed with any color to suit any cosmetics shop style. Undoubtedly, the acrylic cosmetic organiser is good at assisting in making good use of the available space and showcasing the beauty of the cosmetics.