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Have you engaged with online dating? Although some time ago online dating portals were not very successful, it is increasingly common to search for our better half through the network. Today, thousands of people use this method to find that special person. However, we must consider the advantages and disadvantages of online dating to be cautious in this area. Curious? Just keep reading until the end. Enjoy!

Advantages and disadvantages of online dating

Advantages of online dating

As for the advantages of online dating, we specify the following points:

  • One of its great advantages is that these pages are a kind of database that create couples based on personality tests, with common interests prevailing over visual attraction. In this way, we have more possibilities to form a stable and lasting relationship. In this way, we avoid meeting people who do not suit us, since we have information about them from the first moment. Even with a free online dating site, we can find many options. We can find our data easily. No need to pay anything, just log in and start searching.
  • Another strong point of this kind of online dating is that, at the time of the meeting, we already have enough confidence in the other person. Previously we will have already talked to each other through the Internet, with what we know in advance that he shows interest in us and we will avoid the discomfort that we usually feel before breaking the ice.
  • Variety is also a positive factor with respect to professional matchmaking services, as it offers us a wide variety of users with whom we can be compatible, taking into account the geographical area, personal interests, and plans for the future.
Also, they are ideal for embarrassing people, who find it difficult to meet new people. Hiding behind the computer can help us open our feelings, giving us greater security. From the other side of the screen, we know that we can start and end the conversation whenever we want, keeping control at all times.

Disadvantages of online dating

  • One of the main drawbacks of online dating is lying from the other side of the computer screen, something very common on the other hand. Not being able to observe the body language of our interlocutor, it is difficult to distinguish if he is lying to us. So we have to be cautious, without getting too hopeful before we get to know the other person well.
  • Another major drawback of online relationships is that they can be somewhat confusing. It is difficult to determine if a person really attracts us or not without having never seen him face to face, without technology involved. Interacting directly with someone is not the same as interacting through text messages or photos.
  • Finally, we cannot forget the great danger that comes from starting online dating. And it is very common that we replace personal relationships with new technologies since they make us feel more comfortable and secure. However, limiting ourselves to this alone will make us isolate ourselves from the rest of the world, thus losing countless opportunities to meet people elsewhere.