When you think of a plumber, what kind of job do you think they handle day to day? Your answer will probably fall somewhere along the lines of “replacing burst pipes” or “unblocking toilets.”

You’re not wrong, of course. However, you may also be surprised that water supply and sanitation aren’t the only fields of expertise of a professional plumber. Below, we discuss the kinds of jobs that professional plumbers do and their wide range of specialisations.

What Do Professional Plumbers Do?

Anything in your Perth home that needs the flow of water or gas to function is included in the scope of work of plumbers. In short, every room in your house has something that plumbers Perth contractors can install and fix. These include toilets, sinks, swimming pools, heating and air-conditioning systems, water heaters, washing machines, stoves, and even your barbecue grill.

As we briefly mentioned earlier, two fields of specialisations for plumbers are water supply and sanitation. But in total, there are actually a total of six possible fields. Here they are below:

  • Water Supply Plumbers. They install the hot and cold water supply to your kitchen and bathrooms, as well as hot water systems (including solar models). Water supply plumbers can also install rainwater tanks and connect them to your garden irrigation system or your toilet (for flushing).
  • Sanitation Plumbers. Sanitation or sanitary plumbers primarily deal with toilets and sinks. They also clear blockages in drains using a variety of methods. Finally, they’re also responsible for connecting waste pipes and drains to the correct fixtures.
  • Drainage Plumbers. Outside your home, drainage plumbers are in charge of digging trenches and laying stormwater and sanitary drains, as well as sewage treatment systems. When something goes wrong with these, they are also the ones to perform repairs.
  • Gasfitting Plumbers. Anything involving gas such as heaters, hot water systems, and cooktops are the domain of gasfitting plumbers. They also ensure the proper installation of natural gas fitting lines.
  • Mechanical Services Plumbers. This specialisation involves the fabrication and installation of sheet metal ducts. Mechanical services plumbers also work with ducted heating and evaporative coolers.
  • Roofing Plumbers. Did you know that in Australia, you need to hire roofing plumbers if you want to install skylights? Roofing plumbers also fabricate and install gutters and downpipes, as well as roof vents. Plumbing work outdoors and at heights, such as those on high-rise buildings, are also handled by roofing plumbers.

Why Should I Call a Professional Plumber?

What you don’t realise about your homes plumbing systems is that the pipes, valves, and fittings form a complex network. They work seamlessly and quietly, ensuring that your home’s occupants can use safe and hygienic plumbing. If something goes wrong with this network, plumbers use their knowledge and practical experience to restore their safe and hygienic working order. Professional plumbers don’t just have the know-how, they also have the right equipment to deal with all your plumbing issues.

If you attempt to fix a leak in your natural gas line, for example, you risk igniting the gas and triggering explosions. Obviously, you don’t want that to happen. Indeed, it’s best to treat your home’s plumbing system the same way you treat your car. If there’s something wrong that you don’t completely understand or have experience in, it’s best to call the professionals.

Indeed, there’s so much more than meets the eye in every job. That includes “dirty” jobs like plumbing. Plumbers study and undergo apprenticeships for years before they can get registered and licenced. So don’t hesitate to call professional plumbers when you’re faced with a plumbing or gas issue at home. It doesn’t matter if you’re having issues with your water supply, sanitation, or gas lines. They can help you fix any issue and keep you safe in your home.