It has been possible to create videos on Instagram, lasting no longer than 15 seconds. An exciting option to be able to create a story that otherwise would not be possible to tell with just one photo. It is also a very useful option also from a marketing point of view, in fact being able to post "mini-posts" that will have more chance of being seen.

But how do you create videos on Instagram? Taking a photo is "easy" ( and it's even easier if you follow simple tips ), but making a video, which is also very short, is not that simple, and very often, you need specific video editing skills.

There are tons of video editing apps that can help you. Let's see together which of the simplest and most immediate tools or apps for Instagram videos you can use to make them and what skills are required!

1: Flipagram
With this app, you can simply select the photos taken with your smartphone, insert a background song and voila, the video is ready. You can then share it as well as on Instagram also on other Social Networks in addition to the proprietary one of Flipagram.

Flipagram - available for WindowsPhone

2: Diptic
App similar to Flipagram, Diptic allows you to choose from your photos, insert a musical theme and lyrics, and create your video in no time. The difference with Flipagram is that the app is more oriented to create "collage" style transitions of the photos, and there is also an app for Mac and Windows so you can work on your video even from a computer.

Diptic - available for iOs and Android

3: Adobe Voice
Adobe Voice is a mobile application that focuses on spoken content, to be accompanied by music, animations, and photos, which can be chosen from those available or to be inserted at will. You start to edit your own video from the spoken content and proceed slide after slide, importing photos, or using the available graphic elements.

Adobe Voice - available for iOs

4: Boomerang
Boomerang is the mobile application produced by Instagram that allows you to create a super mini-video lasting 1 second, which then plays in a loop, creating a “gif effect.” A nice application that does not create videos properly but rather species of "moving images," useful, however, to make your photo feed more lively. No doubt, boomerang helps you to get more Instagram likes on your post.

Boomerang - available for iOs and Android

5: iMovie
iMovie is a very basic video editing application, available both in desktop version and for some time also in iOS version. It allows you to insert photos, transitions, and background music or to cut a video in the desired way and length directly from your smartphone or iPad, and allow you to continue projects on the Mac application (through iCloud sharing).

Creating videos for your Instagram does not have to intimidate or take a long time. Sometimes, it takes a few clicks to create engaging content for your feed and your Instagram stories!