Personal Injury Lawyer

It is common knowledge that you should hire a personal injury lawyer after suffering injuries from an accident. You deserve to receive compensation. However, it is not the case every time that a lawyer from Hogle for personal injury claims in Gilbert will defend you. Some lawyers might decide not to take your case.

Here are the most common situations where top personal injury attorneys can't help you get your compensation.

You Don't Have Serious Injuries

Personal injury attorneys analyze and measure how likely you're going to get in compensation based on your injuries. Eventually, the most vital factor in defending a case is your injuries. So, if you have minor damage, the personal injury attorney might not protect you. He/she will decline it. They might pass on the case if it doesn't yield compensation.

Statute of Limitations Expired

The statute of limitations for personal injury cases differs in every state in the United States of America. If it expires, in most cases, state law blocks you from defending your case. 

For example, if the statute of limitations in State "X" expires three years after the date of the crash. Even if it isn't fair to the claimant, the statute of limitations prevents them from filing a lawsuit several years after the accident. The victim is required to file a lawsuit immediately after an accident. This is because the evidence is likely to be more persuasive and accurate. It is advised you seek a personal injury attorney for your case earlier after an accident.

There is a Challenge Establishing Accountable Parties

Personal injury cases depend entirely on who is at fault. Even if you strongly believe you deserve compensation, you will need to prove that the other party was at fault. So, don't think that you already won.

The Dominguez Firm's injury attorneys will assess which party is at fault for the accident before taking the case. If the other party is not at fault, the lawyer might decline the claim. Also, in some states, if you are at fault for more than 50%, you will be denied compensation. 

If the Case is Risky Financially

If the case is not worth the compensation, a personal injury attorney may reject the claim. Since most lawyers are on a contingency fee when they represent you, they don't get paid unless their client wins. If they lose the case, they will not get paid. Therefore, most personal injury attorneys only take a personal injury case they believe they can win.

If the Claimant is Suing for an Unrealistic Compensation

While sustaining severe injuries is devastating, expecting an unrealistic compensation might not work in your favor in your case. You might be misinformed about the value of your case by the media. But in reality, that's not true. TV and radio ads tend to exaggerate the worth of personal injury cases.

A personal injury attorney might work extra hard to get you the compensation you deserve. But they also need to set realistic expectations. Suing for exaggerated amounts makes it harder for a personal injury lawyer to settle. Most lawyers will break it down to you on how to calculate damages, and they will advise appropriately.

Most Lawyers Rejected the Case

It is crucial to hire the right lawyer for your case. But, if some personal injury attorneys have already declined your claim, other lawyers might see this as a sign it's not worth their time. Immediately they will notice that there is an issue with your case if other qualified personal injury attorneys have rejected it. 

If the Defendant is Unable to Pay Damages

Personal injury attorneys might decline your claim if the other party at fault doesn't have enough compensation to pay. Sometimes insurance companies cover the damages, but some defendants do not have insurance. If the party at fault is unable to pay the costs, a personal injury lawyer may reject it because they are not going to get paid.

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If you sustain injuries from an accident, you will need to seek a personal injury lawyer immediately. A personal injury lawyer will work quickly to get you the compensation you deserve. But you will need to remember these reasons to know when a lawyer can't help you. Remember, every situation is different. Some insurance companies will offer to pay compensation, but some will not. So, in the end, you will need to have the best personal injury lawyer on your side to help you win your case.