Every single home struggles with creating enough storage for the unending pile of stuff that accumulates over the years. The living room is your shared space for relaxing, socialising and entertaining – so it’s only natural that it gets a little messy after a while. Just what is the key to combatting the clutter, you ask? Implementing a few clever storage solutions is the easiest way to clear your space and ensure that your home is always looking its absolute best.

Invest in a display cabinet
Display cabinets are a must-have when you’re in need of a spot to store your belongings, but you don’t necessarily want to never see them again! Your home is probably full of keepsakes, objects, trophies and photographs that carry a lot of meaning – so why not put them on display for everyone to see? Cabinets are so great as they can have a couple of drawers in there to stash away your less aesthetically pleasing pieces and they are a striking piece of furniture in their own right. If you don’t already have one of these, then it’s high time you got searching!

Look for storage smart pieces
Another furniture tip is to make sure that you have pieces in your lounge that are multi-functional and storage smart. This means that you’ll have more space in the room and you’ll have an easier time keeping clutter out of the way. Look at using a blanket box as a coffee table, side tables with drawers and a TV unit that can tuck all your electrical mess away neatly. These three changes alone are guaranteed to transform your living space into a clear and calm room that you can really relax in.
Use baskets
Hey, we’re only human! Sometimes the odd magazine, remote or game makes its way here and there. When you’re winding down and switching off, you’re not usually that mindful about putting your bits and bobs back in place. Baskets are going to be your saving grace when that habit starts to inevitably crop up! You can find some gorgeous basket designs in a whole world of colours, so these can also be a stylish addition to your space. Keep them next to sofas and armchairs to get maximum use out of your basket.

Keep cable clutter to a minimum
Tech mess makes such an impact on a room! That big ugly tangle can really ruin a beautifully styled room, so it’s time to find a way around that mound. There are a couple of ways around this, taping wires to your woodwork, using a storage basket or drilling a hole in the back of furniture to feed cables through. If you’re facing an untidy room and you’re feeling overwhelmed, start with this step. It has more of a dramatic effect than you might think! 
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Pick a style that suits your storage needs

Some aesthetics favour a clear look, others don’t. By no means does one promote a disordered lifestyle and the other a clean one, this is just to say that those who are styling more of a maximalist home simply have more belongings. If you tend to find your home messy and unorganised, the bohemian and country styles might not be the best for you. Instead, look at creating a minimalist, mid-century modern or Hampton’s style home. Suiting your design to your routine, habits and tendencies means that you’re putting together a house that works for your lifestyle!
Follow these tips and you’re guaranteed to create a well-designed, storage savvy living room in no time.