Gay Relationship

As the famous American novelist John Updike once said, “We’re most alive when we’re in love”! For some people love comes easily, for others it’s a bit more difficult. However, all of us in love must be careful and cherish what we have.

We will now share some of the most common issues that might affect your relationship:

Lack of Communication

Communication is everything in a relationship. It either makes or breaks the deal. It might not be easy in the beginning, but it is crucial to learn how to talk and bring some romance while talking to each other. Learn how to share the feelings you have towards your partner, how to express yourself when something is bothering you, how to talk about your dreams and desires. The bond is made when you share an intimate piece of yourself. Leave your ego behind and learn to be vulnerable with your partner.

Failing to Understand Each Other

This one is connected to how well the two of you communicate. Yes, you love each other, you feel as if you are one person, one soul. You might be one, but you’re not the same. Learn how to ask and listen to your partner, you would be surprised how much you might have been missing out on. Imagine learning about some things that turn him on which you were completely oblivious about. That thing right there might have just saved your relationship!

Being Overly Critical

You didn’t wash the dishes, AGAIN! When will you stop playing that stupid video game? Very nice of you to not kiss me good night yesterday! STOP. RIGHT. THERE. It is very normal to experience problems in a relationship. But if you want your love to last, you have to learn how to properly deal with those. Being too critical of your partner will take you a long way. But a long way backward!

Instead of getting angry and just trying to vent it out on your partner, take a breather first. Take 10, 20 seconds, breathe in and out slowly, and then talk to your partner about the issue. You will feel much calmer and your approach will be completely different. You don’t want to try to solve your problems while being angry – it’s basically impossible!

Not Treating Your Relationship as A Priority

How nice it would be if the day lasted for at least 30 hours. Then we would have time for everything!

Unfortunately, not on this planet. Oftentimes we get caught up in everyday, mundane things. We are always busy, usually tired, and we have no time for anything but the work and the rest after work.
  • But let me ask you, is that really so?
  • What about your partner?
Neglecting your relationship is a shortcut to problems and eventually a break-up. Stop making excuses and set your priorities. Take him out on a date night, go watch a movie in a cinema, or if you two are more sporty, go play tennis. You don’t know how? Then learn it together, it will be an exciting experience! If you are serious about your relationship, it should always be your first priority.

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Caitlyn Lowe is a lifestyle writer since 2011. Graduated from University of Florida in Psychology Major. She loves to write about lifestyle, human psychology, human behavior and relationship.