Learn how to spice things up in your relationship when all romance is lost. Sometimes, when you are with someone for a longer period of time, you can find that intimacy and romance in the relationship are going downhill. This is actually more common than you know. With so many relationships failing because of the romance that has left, you don’t want this to happen to yours. You love the person you are with and you want to spark that light between the two of you once again, but you may not know how to go about doing this. When it comes to knowing how to really get their attention, then read on. We have come up with some of the best ways to ignite that spark and bring back romance into your relationship.

Run Off on a Vacation Together

Running away to a far-off land might be something you have thought about doing more times than one, so why not do it? You can work it out and take off for a weekend, for a week or even just for a night. By doing this, you’re getting out of the routine that you may have fallen into and you’re doing something exciting, bold, and brave. You’re doing something that is not planned, and this alone can spark more romance and excitement into the relationship you felt was dying.

Just choose a place as soon as you are heading out. You can drive there, you can fly there, you can ride a train there. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it is somewhere new you can both enjoy and explore. Have a good time and be spontaneous.

Indulge for One Night

You might hit up the casino, you might splurge on that fabulous dinner and dessert that you wanted. Whatever the case, it is important that you think about what comes along with having a good time… the person you’re sharing the night with!

When you take this time to get to know the other person and just really enjoy yourself, you can find out why you are with them to begin with. You’re bringing back great memories of being with one another and really taking the excitement and fun to the next level. Get the most from the indulgent night that you have when you spend the night at a hotel, order room service in, watch movies and jump on the bed.

Whatever strikes your fancy is something you can make sure to do for this one night only!

Give Something That Shows Your Love

Giving them something, such as a letter that shows your love is important. You want to offer them something that is close to your heart and really shows how much you do actually care for them, even if both of you forgot it. You can provide them with something special to you, that you own, or that you have made. Giving something that is more than flowers or chocolate and that actually means something is what is going to show them that you took the time to really show them how much you care.

When you get creative, you can pretty much give anything. Perhaps you give them something that evokes a memory of the first time you both came together or something that you both are going to enjoy.

Small Things Do Matter

The small things in relationships do matter. Many people think that these day to day things are not really that important, but in truth, they are. These small things do not go unnoticed. When you leave the house, kiss their forehead, tell them you love them or write a sweet little note. Pack their lunch for them or do these small things because these are the things they are going to love you the most for. These are those intimate moments, these things that are going to really make them think about you and smile.

When you’re doing small things, they might not seem like a lot, but think about how you would feel if they were doing these things for you. Do you like it? Do you want them to do these things more often?

You probably do, so why wouldn’t they want the same from you?

Talk With Them

Intimacy starts with good, open communication between the two people. If you find that this type of communication is hard to achieve, it might be best to start a conversation with someone online that you don’t know. Practising with them can put an end to the hesitation that you have by talking with your partner, making it easier than ever to communicate.

If you want to take it one step further and spice things up, you can even learn how to do sex chat with strangers which can ultimately teach you how to be spicier in the bedroom with your partner. This can help you when it comes to speaking with them, whether in a hot and heavy bedroom manner, or just being more confident about opening up about serious, relationship-related topics. Practice makes perfect!

Surprise Your Partner with Something Special

Surprises are for every day, not just for when you make mistakes or when they are mad or having a rough day. You want to make sure to provide them with those ‘just because’ presents that are out there. You want something that is really going to show off what you feel for the other person and let them know that you think about them all the time, not just some of the time. Through random acts of kindness and surprises, this is something that can be achieved.

When the time comes to inject a little more romance into that relationship, it is not that hard to do, but it does take some time on your part. Opening up and becoming vulnerable to your partner is all you need to do. Take some time for yourself, and together, to become a stronger couple in the end. When you have a relationship, especially a long one, things can become routine, but they don’t always have to be.

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Caitlyn Lowe is a lifestyle writer since 2011. Graduated from University of Florida in Psychology Major. She loves to write about lifestyle, human psychology, human behavior and relationship.