LGBT Adoption Proceedings

Same-Sex adoption is just that; it is an adoption proceeding where the prospective parents are LGBT individuals. There are a few options available for people that are lesbian, gay, or transgender who are exploring the possibility of adopting a child.

Before you start with the adoption process, it is essential to acknowledge which legal process is best suited to your situation.

Joint Same-Sex Adoption

Most people consider private domestic infant adoption where a gay couple finds a birth mother who will have her baby put up for adoption with them and maintaining an open adoption relationship with her throughout the child’s growing-up years. In the past, this type of adoption was not an option legally. But the latest court rulings with regards to marriage equality and LGBT adoption proceedings are now protecting the rights of married same-sex couples to enable them to adopt together. This applies to public foster care and private adoption cases.

International vs. Domestic Adoption

Another main consideration when adopting a child who is not related to you is where they originate from. The process is less complicated when the child is from your own country; however, if you’re adopting an infant from another country, it may not be possible to adopt the child jointly since certain nations are not as progressive towards LGBT adoption rights. You may have to adopt the child on your own and complete a stepparent or second-parent adoption once you’re back in your own country.

Stepparent or Second-Parent Same-Sex Adoption

Before same-sex marriages were legalized in the US, it was a regular practice for gay individuals to do an individual adoption first and complete a stepparent (if married) or second-parent adoption afterward. If your partner had adopted a child before you were in a relationship, and you want to adopt the child yourself, you must complete a legal process.It is fundamental that you consult with a Plainview Divorce Lawyer to see what your options are if you’re looking to adopt a child who was adopted first by your partner.The main variance between a stepparent and second-parent adoption is whether or not the adoptive parents are in a relationship or legally married.

What Considerations Must Be Taken Before Pursuing A Same-Sex Adoption?

Gay couples may face certain challenges that should be considered before a gay couple adopts a child. Before starting with adoption proceedings, they must have a clear-cut understanding of the adoption process and adoption law. You need to take into account the inimitable challenges associated with waiting for an adoption prospect and raising an adopted child. A useful step in the process is to find an adoption agency who is non-discriminatory that can efficiently guide you through the entire development every step of the way. Keep in mind that adopting a child can be tricky for any prospective parent, irrespective of their sexual orientation. Just remember that it will all be worth the effort once you’ve successfully adopted your new bundle of joy and start your journey of becoming a new parent.