Though airbrushing is not essential to be a successful makeup artist but your chances for getting high profile job increases if you are a pro in this technique.

The process of airbrushing is done using compressed air to spray makeup or paint on the skin to create a perfectly blended look. For airbrushing, you will need a stylus, an air compressor and makeup or paint made for airbrushing.

We have listed here some airbrushing tricks that have been revealed by famous makeup artists to enhance your airbrushing skills;

1. Use Your Own Foundation:

The main use of airbrushing is to give you flawless coverage but then adding airbrushing products to your makeup kit can be expensive hence you can use the traditional foundation itself instead of investing in buying different foundations for airbrushing. You will require to dilute the foundation using airbrush thinner as a too thick foundation cannot be used to airbrush.
Just make sure to read the instructions on your airbrush makeup thinner to make sure that its mixture with the foundation is compatible with the airbrush machine.

2. Airbrush the Eyes:

Airbrushing the eyes is a great technique a it creates a flawless look, but it is a bit advanced hence do it only after you have gained enough experience with airbrushing. You can use stencils around the eyes too to create crazy and gorgeous looks.

3. Airbrush Your Lips:

Another cool airbrushing trick is to use it to add color to lips. You will need to add lip color in your makeup kit which is quite reasonable.

4. Create Special Effects Using Airbrushing:

Special effect makeup is quite a popular field especially in the cinema industry hence if you learn to do SFX makeup then your portfolio
will become more valuable and many job opportunities will open for you. Apart from airbrushing you will also need to learn to create prosthetics to get the complete look.

5. Highlight Your Hair:

Highlighting hair is quite popular hence you can use airbrushing to temporarily highlight the hair as well. You need to buy products to achieve this and also if you have some hairstyling experience, but this is a cool trick to add in your list of makeup do's.

6. Cover up the Tattoos:

Many clients may want to cover their tattoos as it may not go with their makeup look hence you can use a foundation to cover the tattoo or invest in a tattoo coverage product.

7. Create Temporary Tattoos:

While you will find clients, who want their tattoos covered, if you are doing makeup for costume party then they may want to create a temporary tattoo that can be done by using some stencils and a wider range of colors.

After every use, remember to clean your equipment and flush it out as soon as you are finished to avoid it from getting jammed. Spray painting is becoming quite a popular trend in the makeup industry hence to increase your value as a makeup artist, it is a great option to pursue a spray painting makeup course from to upgrade your makeup skills and succeed in this industry.