As you might already have guessed, having a good marketing strategy is very important for running a successful business. After all, this is the foremost way of promoting what you do and attracting new customers. At the end of the day, your bottom line depends on how much product or service you sell – and you cannot do that with bad marketing.

However, sometimes, creating a good marketing strategy can be hard. And as your company grows and develops, it can become even harder for your team to juggle multiple projects at the same time. That’s why setting a marketing team workflow early in the game is important. It will keep things running like a well-oiled machine. But try to optimize it too much – and you might get lost along the way. This is why today we look at a couple of simple steps for optimizing marketing team workflow with ease and getting the most out of it!

Defining your marketing team workflow clearly is the first step

There are only two ways in which you can create a marketing team workflow. The first one is to sit down, examine your creative process and write the steps down. The second one is to let it happen organically. The latter might seem like an easier option – after all, can you really put a schedule on creativity? The work is often pretty repetitive, and people seem to get into certain habits and roles as the time goes.

However, this is a wrong thing to do. By letting the workflow create itself, you will not have too much control over the process. And then, when an early deadline shows up, you might be lost and confused, trying to rush things up. What’s more, optimizing marketing team workflow and creating changes can be hard when you don’t know exactly what steps it is made out of! By having everything clearly defined, you will know exactly what you need to work on. Finally, teaching new people about the marketing team workflow will be easy when there are clear steps to follow! So, what should your workflow include?

Optimizing marketing team workflow with people and tasks

Well, there are two things that you need to think about when you want to define and optimize your marketing team workflow. The first are the tasks that need to be done and problems that need to be solved. The second is the people who will do them!

Imagine getting a typical project in your company. Now, divide it into simpler steps. This is exactly what your workflow should look like! First decide what needs to be done and the deadline by which it needs to be finished. These make up the skeleton which will guide you through the rest of the workflow. Then, locate which parts of the project will be hot topics – where the issues might arise. Addressing these early in the process means more time to solve them – and the client will be happy sooner! Finally, think about the resources that can help you in this. These include both people in your company as well as the right tools for this job.

The next part of optimizing marketing team workflow is figuring out exactly who will do what. This might be the most important part of the whole thing – and we will talk a little more about it in the last part of the article. For now, think about exactly who you need on the team. There should be writers, designers and similar content creators – based on the medium in which you want to market your product. Then, you will need the experts to help you with information, as well as the marketing and SEO experts to guide the process. You might also want to include someone on the editorial team, like legal experts and human resources to serve as a support.

Overseeing all of this should be the chief content officer. Sometimes, this is a separate position, and sometimes it is a title by another employee of the company. They will be in charge of the process, approving designs, creating contracts, managing the budget and hundreds of similar tasks that fit such a title. Choose this person carefully. They need to be responsible and reliable and can greatly help you in optimizing marketing team workflow with their resourcefulness.

Choosing the person for the task is the key to optimizing marketing team workflow

As we mentioned before, it is extremely important to pick the right person for the right task. After all, this is what will make your team work efficiently and smoothly. If the person is right for the task, they will do it promptly and with a lot of quality. Conversely, someone not right for the task will often fail – no matter how well-intended they are or how hard they try. Maybe even worse, they will miss the deadlines, and this will make no one happy!

Thus, without pressure, optimizing marketing team workflow will greatly depend on your ability to give each person on your marketing team the right task for them. But don’t worry – no one is perfect! Usually, this will take some adjusting and has a learning curve. What’s important to remember is to keep trying to find the right balance.

This is why we cannot overlook the role of project management has in this process. This way, you will see exactly how successful both your team and the project are. To do this the best, you will need to find the right projects overview tool. The time for sticky notes and whiteboards is long past – everything is digital now. Luckily, this gives us the luxury to monitor teams in real life – and give them a fast feedback as well!

So, find a way for your team to work together even when working at a distance. You need a platform that will manage and store information, ideas and assets that they create for future use – as well as feedback that will help them on their way!