Sport is the path to health, strength, and beauty. But it often happens that we make typical mistakes, because of which we only distance ourselves from achieving the goal. Now we will talk about the typical mistakes of novice athletes.

Paying too much attention to cardio

Too much cardio can lead to pain and muscle problems, after which you will not want to achieve your fitness goals. Exercising constantly through pain, you only scoff at your own body. Also, because of this, you pay too little attention to other exercises.

Do not attach so much importance to the calorie counter

One of the most harmful things that beginner athletes can do is to focus all their energy on burning tons of calories, but not on developing their physical health.

More calories burned does not always mean better health. Sometimes it can just stop people from continuing to work on themselves.

Making unrealistic goals

Making unrealistic goals

Getting your body in shape, or having muscles like Dwayne Rock Johnson is a cool target. But you should not try to achieve this in a couple of weeks.

You must make sure that what you are working on is believable. To do this, break the large target into small ones.

Every day to the gym

day to the gym

You must remember that to improve your physical fitness, your body needs rest.

Instead of spending time in the gym every day, give yourself a break. You can even plan a day without training so you don’t forget and don’t come to the gym.

Don't pay attention to stretching

And it is very in vain. Stretching is of great importance to the body:

  • helps to stretch muscles
  • improves posture
  • increases flexibility
  • enables the body to recover from heavy loads in the hall.
  • By abandoning this type of training, you doom yourself to cramps, “cotton muscles” or even cramping.

Don't give your body a rest

As with stretching, many people know that they should catch their breath after exercise, but prefer to skip this as a not-so-important thing. However, this is not a waste of time, but an absolute necessity.

The American Heart Association warns that proper “sedation” is almost as important as the workout itself. Easy walking, stretching and deep breathing at the end of a regular workout will allow the body to gradually reduce blood pressure, temperature and heart rate.

Lack of drinking

The golden rule: when something does not work out, just drink more water. This advice is never more appropriate than in training.

Water will keep your body toned, so try drinking plenty before, during, and after your workouts.

Many gyms sell water bottles, but it is better to come with your own so that you can replenish its supplies during training.

Do the same thing

Once you find something that you like, you can easily forget about everything else.

The same exercises will not only not improve your body, but rather, on the contrary, will make the muscles clamped.

Try to change your workout every four to six weeks. This will help you understand which exercises you are doing better and what you need to improve to achieve your goals.

Force yourself to eat before training

Food for your goals is not as important as you might think. Do not rely on one source of nutritional knowledge, but rather choose your time for eating, given your workouts. Try to eat at different times before training and compare your well-being.

Priority overweight or speed to the detriment of correctness

Your condition should be the main criterion for the correct training. Improperly performed exercises are not only dangerous to health but can also lead to an imbalance of the muscles in your body and restrict their movement.

Experts also recall that by mindlessly increasing the load, weight on the simulator or speed of execution, you can not only not get the desired effect, but also damage yourself something, being left without training for a long time, lose your progress.

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