1 in 4 children has seen unwanted adult videos. More than half of the teens have received emails from strangers prompting them to reveal personal details.

Everything on the internet now let that sink in

It is hard to imagine a day without the internet in this era. We all use this facility to such an extent that it has now become a basic need for our existence. Something as useful and wonderful as the internet, too, has a dark side to it. The internet has become a platform of danger where cyberbullies, child molesters, cyber stalkers and inappropriate content await for their prey,i.e., our children.

Recent surveys have shown that almost 29% of kids use the internet in a manner that their parents would never approve.21% visit sites regularly that lets them chat with strangers. 17% of children visit sites filled with pornography. A figure of 11% visits sites that provide instructions to cheat on school work and some even visit sites that let them gamble.

This all happens because of the lack of interaction between the parents and the children regarding the topic of online safety and internet usage.

This is when TiSpy comes into the picture. TiSpy is a phone monitoring app that helps parents to keep track of their kid's online internet consumption and usage.

The features of this software are in plenty. Some of the prominent ones are as follows:-

Tracking text messages and calls: TiSpy SMS Tracker and Call Tracker features to provide to tracks all calls and messages transferred from the child's phone to another person by the parent. The sender’s name, the number of times they have called, the duration, data exchanged via messages, etc. would be all accessible by the parent even when it has been deleted from the child’s phone.

  • Manage calls: The name and image of the person, who called, if the number is registered in the phone book, would be displayed.
  • Track Live Activity: The feature of the live photo along with the anti-theft of the phone exists within the software. If the mobile phone happens to be stolen, a siren can be alerted via this software in the stolen gadget which can only be silenced by unlocking it.
  • Location Tracking and Geo-Fencing: The parent can track the location paths of the kid via this software with the help of real-time interactive maps.
  • Monitor Internet Usage: A history of all the URLs the kids have visited would be displayed.
  • Social Media Monitoring: Social Media is considered as best social media marketing strategy to increase social presence. But at the same time it’s also harmful to kids & teens. All the activities the child performs in the platform of social media can be monitored by the parent. If the phone is rooted, then the parent can view and monitor incoming and outgoing messages. If the phone isn’t rooted, then the parent would only be able to monitor incoming messages.

It is common for the parents to doubt whether they are invading their kid’s privacy. So to not feel guilty, the parents can always take these small steps to get to know their child better both emotionally and his/her online activities. TiSpy is considered as one of the ideal parental control apps that parents have used to protect their kids. 

These Following Steps Can Save Your Child From The Dangers Lurking In The World Of Internet. And They Are As Follows:

  • Always Have A Conversation With Your Children: Your kids need to feel close to you to share everything with you if any problem arises. So always maintain a healthy relationship with them through having open conversations about the pros and cons of the internet. Make them aware of the dangers.
  • Spend Time Online With Them: It could be just like watching a movie. Make sure that they are comfortable with you being around them while using the internet.
  • Set Reasonable Time And Usage Limits: This would make sure that they don’t get addicted to the internet and fall into any kind of trouble.
  • Know Your Children’s Password: This would enable you to log onto their sites and monitor their activities, their mails and check whether everything is going properly.
  • Watch for Changes in Your Child’s Behaviour: This is very important! If the child is going through a hard time due to serious issues such as cyberbullying, close observation of your child’s behavior would be able to provide you with a hint about the situation.
  • Check Your Child’s Browsing History: It would enable you to make sure that the child is not visiting any websites which they were not meant to visit.
  • No Personal Information Should Be Given Out And No Face To Face Meetings: Make sure your kid doesn’t share any personal details with any strangers. Always tell them to stay away from strangers.
  • Keep An Eye On Downloads/Upload Stuff: Never let your child download or upload multimedia files such as photos & videos without your permission.
  • Pay Attention to Gift’s anyone gives To Your Children: always pay attention to the gifts your child receives. Never let them accept any kind of gift from strangers.

A child is a huge responsibility, especially in a world where danger lurks even in good things. Act wise and always maintain a healthy relationship with your kids. Maintain the feeling of trust between your kids, so that when a problem arises, you would be the first to know it.