Making use of call transfer on Grandstream IP phones especially is easy and seamless. If you are looking for affordable business phones that will offer you good features and quality performance, then locate Grandstream IP phones. You don't need to stress looking for a supplier. There are lots of Grandstream phone suppliers Uganda. The phones are known to have sleep and functional designs. With the Grandstream phones, you can easily adjust your volume between medium to large and at the same time enjoy a good friendly user experience.

Among all the features of the Grandstream IP phones, one of the most functional that helps the product users to manage calls is the Call Transfer feature.

Here are some tips for making different kinds of call transfers

Blind Transfer:

To blind transfer, you have to press on the Transfer button and dial the number. Then, press the send button to finish the transfer of every active call.

Attended Transfer

To process an attended transfer, slightly press on an idle line key to begin a new call and the active line will be placed on hold. Immediately the call is established, press the Transfer button again, then press the line button of the held line to transfer the call. As soon as the call is transferred, the idle screen will be displayed on the phone.

Auto-Attended Transfer

For auto attended transfer, set up the "Auto-attended Transfer" and activate it to "Yes" on Web GUI. First, establish a call. Then press the Transfer button to start a new line. This action will place the first call on hold automatically. Then, you can dial the number and start a second call. Hit on the transfer button to make a transfer.

It should be noted that for auto attended transfer, as soon as you dial out the number for another call, a soft key known as 'Split' will surface. If the second call is not ringing, pressing on the split key will hang it up. If the second call is answered, pressing on the Split button will resume the second call and hold the first call.

Overview and Merits of Panasonic PABX

The Panasonic IP Hybrid Switchboard Platform blends the merits of traditional telecommunications with the usage of IP tech. It provides several advanced features and flexibility properties. The models provided can get upgraded to raised finish models.

Some vital and effective features provided by the Panasonic Hybrid PBX are, Built-in Voice message also referred to as BV, a 3 level automated reception with clear voice guidance, private caller ID display on APTs and SLTs for caller recognition and effective call management. Other features of the Panasonic PABX Uganda that will profit your business. Also, it is a system that permits flexibility and easy growth with choice cards. It also possesses a high-end call monitoring platform and economical cost control system plus many other nice features.

There are different types of PABX

When planning to buy a business PABX phone system, it is vital to check if the type available will be perfect for your company's needs. Below are a few outlines of the PABX system.

Traditional PABX Program

The traditional PABX phone system is integrated with a switchboard box that connects several phone lines to various extensions. The switchboard also connects these calls to a physical phone brand of the phone platform service provider with the permission to make external calls. If you experience any difficulty during installation, you can quickly reach out to your system administrator. They are always ready to assist you to get your phone system working perfectly.