Threats kids Encounter Online

Nowadays, almost every kid owns an electronic device, especially a mobile phone. They use their phones, laptops, and tablets to play online games or interact with friends. However, it’s challenging for your kid to enjoy their favorite sport when their iPhone's screen has a crack. But you need not bother; cell phone repair Milwaukee can assist you in having the phone look as good as new! Nevertheless, you need to exercise caution. There are many online threats for kids.

Below are examples of online threats faced by kids: 

1. Cyber predators

Sexual predators take advantage of kids online, stalk them, and eventually lure them into risky encounters. Such predators prowl social media platforms and gaming sites where they can easily find kids. Since kids love playing games online, predators can easily win their trust by pretending that they would like to participate in the game. Parents should train their kids on the dangers of interacting with strangers online, and this enhances their safety.

2. Cyberbullying

Cases of cyberbullying occur on social media platforms as well as online games. For instance, kids get ridiculed on social media conversations and even get attacked while playing their favorite games.

3. Downloading Malware

Malware refers to computer software installed without consent from the victim. Note that this malware (viruses/worms) performs harmful activities on your device. Such malware threats are like stealing your personal information from your device and hijacking it. Cybercriminals usually trick kids into downloading malware. Phishing and swaying kids to download suggested games are standard online threats.


The list of online threats is endless. Ensure your kids know their limits when using the internet, train them on the dangers of socializing with strangers, and watch their online activities. By so doing, you ensure that they stay away from the many online risks.