Prevent Hair Loss

When our body is experiencing stress, we often notice some physical symptoms like having a headache, upset stomach, feeling exhausted, and worse, losing hair in the long run. While not all hair loss is stress-related; however, based on studies, there are three types of hair loss that are associated with stress. 

Types of Stress-related Hair Loss

Telogen Effluvium

It is a form of widespread hair loss happening in your scalp due to the anagen/growth phase being disrupted when your body is under stress. Due to stress, most of your hair skips the growth period and jumps to the telogen/ shedding stage prematurely. Not taking care of ourselves may even worsen your situation since, due to stress, we often eat unhealthy foods that have little nutritional benefits.


It is a type of disorder where a person has an irresistible urge to pull out his/her hair not only in the head but also in other parts of the body. With this, it results in hair thinning to bald patches. While it is psychological, based on studies, stress is the most significant contributing factor.

Alopecia Areata

It is a type of disorder where it causes our head to experience spots of baldness (usually about the size of a coin) in specific areas in your head. When you have this type of autoimmune disorder, your immune system attacks most of the hair follicles that are responsible for developing new hairs. 

How To Prevent Hair Loss Due To Stress

Eat Foods that are High in Protein

As mentioned earlier, our hair follicles are responsible for developing new hairs, and it is made of a protein called keratin. Due to stress, sometimes we end up eating non-nutritious foods from fast-foods and canned goods. To make sure that our hair follicles are healthy despite experiencing stress, one should add foods that are high in protein in their daily diet. It will be a big help in fighting hair loss due to stress. Another way you can prevent hair loss is by using hair loss shampoo by Nisim International. Foods that are rich in proteins are peanuts, chicken, low-fat dairy products, beans, fish, and eggs.

Coconut Oil

According to studies, coconut oil can prevent hair damage, especially if you are exposed to UV light every day. The lauric acid that the coconut oil has to offer helps bind protein nutrients in the hair that makes the hair follicles stronger. It prevents your hair from breakage from the root and strand. Moreover, experts also suggest that when applying coconut oil, massage the oil in your scalp to promote better blood flow and hair regrowth.

Olive Oil

Similar to coconut oil, olive oil protects your scalp from dryness that causes breakage. It acts as a natural hair conditioner that helps to reduce hair loss and strengthen hair follicles. Apply at least a couple of tablespoons of olive oil directly to your scalp and hair and let it sit for 30 minutes before rinsing with a mild shampoo.

Start a Regular Exercise/Yoga Program

Aside from taking nutritious foods and natural hair conditioners, one should also start taking care of their body and start a regular exercise or yoga classes. Having regular exercise/yoga is one of the best ways to fight stress and also to make your body and mind healthy. And a healthy body means fewer chances of having hair loss.

Start Doing Fun Activities

Since stress is one of the most common reasons why a person is experiencing hair loss, it is essential to know how to fight such. By doing activities that bring joy to a person, it can effectively alleviate stress in the long run. And less stress also means fewer chances of hair loss.

While it is impossible to avoid stress completely, it is essential to know how to fight stress to prevent hair loss. Always remember those things mentioned above whenever you feel stressed to prevent further hair loss in the long run.