Getting a brand-new dress that looks like it has been worn 20 times after a few washes? A situation that many of us have experienced. That is why the quality of the clothing is essential to make it look good and last long. Linen and cotton are two widely used materials in clothing, especially dresses; however, which is better?

Linen or cotton dress


Although cotton clothes can be great, they can lose their shape after frequent washing, making the dress look awful. However, linen dresses can last longer as there is no need to iron them after washing. Also, it is known that linen fabric dries quicker than cotton and is 30% stronger.

Linen dresses can be an excellent option for the summer. Linen is a superb summertime fabric breathable and has temperature-regulating properties. According to research, people who wear linen sweat less than cotton. Lastly, linen is a lightweight fabric that will make the dress flow naturally and make you look elegant and feminine without too much effort. 

The Look

The cotton dress can sometimes look bland or not be as flattering. However, sustainable linen fabric has a unique texture and fiber depth, making your clothing look fantastic and more enjoyable. 

This is why linen is becoming increasingly popular as clothing and is entirely on-trend. According to global fashion platforms, searches for linen have been increasing by 46% since January. Linen dresses and other clothing pieces are highly loved by the celebrities like Kate Moss, Jennifer Aniston, and Elle Fanning. Also, you can see linen clothing being sold in boutiques more frequently now, and even mass-market brands like H&M are trying to recreate the unique texture of the linen for their clothing. 

The Quality

It is stated that even 100% cotton-labeled pieces of clothing can be low quality and last only a short time. This is because some manufacturers use low-quality fibers to reduce production costs. However, linen is an organic fiber that comes from a flax plant. It is recognized as the best quality fabric in Europe as it is highly durable and will last decades. It becomes softer and even better in quality as you wear and washes it. 


Cotton fabric requires a lot of care and good soil; although organic cotton is a great sustainable option, it requires more land to grow. Linen fabric comes from a flax plant that uses less water to grow than cotton. Also, fewer pesticides are used to increase linen than cotton, and linen can be produced without chemicals. That is why linen is a significant sustainable and environmentally friendly fabric that will not harm our planet.

Cotton is a great fabric widely used for dresses and other clothing; however, after frequent washing, it may lose shape and look dull. Linen is an excellent option for dresses as it will make the dress look great even after washing, it is a perfect option for summer, and it has temperature control features; lastly, due to its unique fabric, linen dress will always make you look effortlessly elegant and trendy.