An entrepreneur is any person who starts or runs a business. Many people go into entrepreneurship because it's incredibly attractive to be your own boss. Others are driven to share new ideas with the world through the products or services they promote. Regardless of the reasons, being an entrepreneur can be hugely rewarding. 

However, entrepreneurship comes with a host of challenges. By observing Eyal Gutentag, a highly accomplished entrepreneur in the tech industry, it's possible to conclude the skills and traits that make a successful entrepreneur.

Management and Leadership

Although most entrepreneurs usually start business ventures on their own, they often end up growing their influence and managing teams or groups of people. Therefore, it's essential to understand managerial and leadership roles before going into business. Management and leadership usually call for people skills as well as an authoritative stature. 

Resilience and Flexibility

Businesses are inherently risky – there is no guarantee that a business will succeed or fail, even with accurate predictions. So, as an entrepreneur, you need to have thick skin to absorb mental and emotional stresses when things don’t go as planned. Embrace failure as a part of business but also learn to maneuver your way around obstacles by adjusting to changes. Flexibility is crucial in adapting to market dynamics and various business environments. 

Ability to Learn

The business landscape keeps changing over time, and the only way to keep up with emerging trends is by learning new ideas and concepts. An entrepreneur poised on success must be ready to willing to learn new things such as marketing techniques, emerging products and services, and even laws and legislation. Knowledge and can set you apart from competitors in the fast-paced business environment.

It's not easy to make it as a successful entrepreneur, but it's not impossible either. Many individuals have already made their names in the business community through entrepreneurship. It only takes commitment, determination, and a bit of discipline.