The modern world offers tools and equipment for almost any task in any field. Many people have grown a habit of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) endeavors. However, despite the presence of several useful utilities, we still need professionals for certain tasks. Trees and their maintenance certainly requires a well-versed Arborist.

An arborist is a person who has all the adequate skills and knowledge to conduct tree surgery. They are similar to Gardeners, but for trees. More importantly, their knowledge and expertise allow them to offer services regarding the maintenance of trees. From something as simple as shedding trees to employing adequate methods for healthy growth, Arborists are essential for many tasks. They are the doctors of the trees and have apt qualifications to back the said claim. Therefore, they are also the professionals you contact to prevent any problems, like diseases and decay from affecting the tree. 

The arsenal of Arborist

Apart from having in-depth knowledge about the physical and biological aspects of the trees, Arborist requires certain skills. They are required to climb the trees, latch on the branches, conduct cut or shedding tasks, and much more. All of these require them to have certain equipment. From clothing to vital tools, this is the list any Arborist should follow:

Rigging Equipment:

Transportation and access to any part of the tree and the ability to cover any height is reliant upon the rigging equipment. Heavy cutting equipment and reaching to adequate heights require certain equipment like blocks and pulleys, and you will need slings. To keep yourself steadily in one place, friction brakes might also be used. Power pullers are one of the great integrations, and the rope and swivels are also the most vital tools. Cable hoists and ring slings are also important for combined strength and firm stance.

Climbing Equipment:

Climbing remains the indispensable requirement of an arborist, and it requires equally important gear. Especially for safety purposes, from a rigid hold to prevention against falls, anti-slip, and much more. The majority of climbing tools are similar to rigging tools. However, there are some additional integrations one should pay attention to like straps, saddles, and tails.

Protective Gear

Protective gear is vital for many reasons. A helmet will prevent the head from getting injured. Protective goggles are important to prevent any particle from falling in the eyes, especially when carrying out a precise procedure. Work gloves actually offer better grip over the cables and rows. Additionally, there might be a first aid kit attached to an arborist for emergencies where they hurt themselves. While radios are not protective gear, they are important to call for assistance and maintain strong communication for smooth operations.

Protective Clothing

You might notice that arborists wear distinctive clothing. These clothes comprise different material for better durability. They are also more resistant to factors like electricity, temperature, physical damage, and cut. It is because an arborist does not only have to deal with trees while working but also wires and several other obstacles that attempt to hinder their task. These clothes protect them from potential damage like burns or electrocution. More importantly, there may be various animals, birds, or dangerous bugs residing in the trees; the clothing prevents their entrance and protects against their attack.

Cutting & Trimming Equipment

To maintain a preferred shape or size of the tree, an arborist requires robust cutting and trimming equipment. Chainsaws, Saw scabbards, Hand saws, pruners, chippers are some of the primary tools an arborist uses. Tree loppers and hatchets with hedge trimmers are also a great combination. There are many hydraulic tools available that offer much more power and precision than conventional tools. An ax or wedge is always something an arborist may carry.

Always get yourself a professional arborist

Well-maintained trees can elevate the aesthetics of your place or the general public area. They can enhance the quality of your residence and the overall value of your property. A trained arborist with ideal qualifications comes with all the essential equipment. They will perform all the tasks with utmost diligence and precision.

Get the best arborist clothing

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