Did you know about the logistics company? What is meant by a logistics company is one of the companies that provide services in terms of shipping commodity from the place of picking up commodity to their destination. In addition, this company also provides the warehouse rental services for other companies who want to store their commodity. Of course, with the presence of this logistics company, we will be able to save more on our business’ expenses.

The volume of transportation using containers has increasingly played an important role, in comparison to the volume of the transport with the conventional packaging and conventional vessels + arena, "teach once if the parties related to the problem of transportation of commodity, study carefully about the packaging, especially concerning procedures that apply in sending commodities and receiving export-import commodities using container packaging.

Container is a package that is designed specifically with a certain size that can be used repeatedly and can be used for storing and transporting the contents inside. The philosophy of CONTAINER is that cargo can be "wrapped" in crates of the same size so that all modes of cargo transportation (ships, trucks, trains) can transport it quickly, safely, and efficiently.

For a businessman like you who need services to transport your commodities whether it is the new or the used commodities that you want to export-import, you need to prepare a budget self-pack containers to predict your expenses. Do not let your company who want to gain profit end up with losing it because of inconsistent shipping containers.

Advantages of using a container: The advantage of using containers in the commodities transport from the sea is "Loading and unloading of commodities can be done quickly compared to the conventional packing systems." Decrease in the percentage of damage due to commodities being arranged steadily and only touched on, when filling or emptying the container. Reduced percentage of items lost due to theft (the pillage) because the commodities are covered in the container.

In the warehousing arena itself, the recipient can also apply the dismantling in his own warehousing arena (door to door service) and it can be avoided by mixing commodities that actually may not be mixed with each other. So, we need to use containers when exporting/importing our commodities to save costs, time, make the process easier, and so on.