We sometimes must sell our possessions

Most of us have valuable possessions, inherited property, automobiles or antiques that we want to sell. No matter how much we love these possessions, sometimes it's time to get rid of them. Many people sell them because they don´t use them and consider that they can get a profit from them. No matter what the situation is, one of the best and fastest ways to sell your belongings is through an auction. 

Sell your objects at a fair price

People love collecting things. Some of them collect stamps while others collect coins. Unfortunately, they sometimes need to sell their stuff but it takes too much time to get potential buyers who can pay the right price. Therefore the best option is contacting an auction company that can sell them at a fair price fast and effectively.

We sell all types of firearms

Do you like Firearms? Do you have some at home? Believe it or not, having guns is one of the people's passion. Many people who collect firearms have all kinds of them. Some of them even used in wars and special events. When firearms owners decide to sell them, it is difficult to find a buyer especially when they are put on sale on the web. When they try to sell them themselves they risk their life because people who usually buy firearms on the street are not trustworthy. But, when they contact an auction company they can rest assured that these items will be sold through a transparent process and to people who know about firearms and who will pay a good price for them.

Sell unwanted properties and automobiles

What about cars and houses? Maybe you inherited a car or a house and you don't want it anymore. This is something that happens a lot in the United States. Many people inherit houses that are too old or too far. Sometimes they just don't like them and decide to get rid of them. The same thing happens with cars. Just as it happens with any other valuable possessions such as coins, firearms, stamps and more, it is complicated to find a potential buyer who wants an old car or house. But when you contact Estate Sales - Powell Auction you can rest assured that all kinds of properties and cars will be sold effectively and at a good price. 

The best way of selling objects is through an auction

Contacting an auction company has become one of the best ways of selling antiques and priced objects. If you are in Knoxville, Tennessee and this is exactly what you're thinking about, don't look further and rely on Powell Auction & Realty, LLC. For more than five decades we have provided top-notch auction services selling all types of objects such as antiques, automobiles, and properties at the best prices in the area. Probably you have never worked with an auction and realty company and you don't know how to consign your products. At Powell Auction & Realty, LLC is very easy. First, you need to contact one of our representatives to email and send basic information about the object that you're interested in consigning. This information includes pictures and brief descriptions of the objects. Once we get this information we will get in contact with you within a few days and then we will schedule an appointment so we can see the objects physically and talk about the price of each. We are honest people just as you are, therefore our commission is a fair percentage of the final selling price in the auction. 

We are an honest and effective auction company

We are a trustworthy company that has been set apart from others due to our honesty and effectiveness. You can rest assured that we won't charge upfront or hidden fees which is of great benefit to you. If it is a big object that we need to pick up in your property, we also provide the transportation that is needed to pick it up. Once the object has been sold in the auction you get paid 15 days after. Remember, if you are in Knoxville, Tennessee and you are thinking about selling priced objects, antiques, automobiles, or properties, don´t look further and rely on Powell Auction & Realty today. Call us at 865.938.3403 and speak to our professionals who will gladly give you all the information you need and answer all your questions. You can also visit our website and check more information about how to consign your belongings with us. We understand that this might be the first time you work with an auction & realty company, but you can rest assured that if you allow us to sell your possessions, it will be one of the most grateful experiences you have ever had in your life. Call us now.