All business owners and managers are aware that the employees are a company’s biggest asset. In order to keep the company running smoothly, they have to be productive and efficient. However, what can one do when they notice their team members feeling demotivated and lacking when it comes to their assignments? Well, there are actually many approaches to increasing motivation in the workplace so if you’ve found yourself in this situation as well, keep on reading to learn more.

Set clear goals and expectations

It should come as no surprise that employees that have no clear goals in front of them are lacking motivation. This is why you must inform them of what exactly is expected of them, when and how they are supposed to finish their assignments and what to do in case something goes wrong. Implement the SMART goal-setting technique so that both you and your employees can measure the results that are achieved and if you notice that certain tasks are too big, break them down into smaller ones so that they are easier to accomplish. Every milestone should be celebrated as that is sure to inspire everyone in the office.

Keep providing feedback

Knowing that their actions affect the success of the company plays a big role in an employee’s motivation. In order for them to be aware of what they are contributing and how their work is reflecting on the overall business, you must give them continuous feedback. Set regular performance reviews where you can talk about what they are doing well, whether they are reaching the set goal and in which areas they can improve. It is vital to be as specific as possible and give them many details so that they are aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Seeing that they are making progress will only motivate them to try harder.

Create a pleasant working environment

For employees to be inspired and productive, they need to feel pleasant in their work environment. You, as the owner or manager, have to ensure this condition is met. For instance, research the power of color psychology and see which shades are best suited to your type of work. Then, the layout of the office and the amount of natural light you get all play a big role when it comes to motivation. Even introducing greenery into space is essential. Seeing as how you probably don’t have time to handle this undertaking, it’s for the best to hire experts who specialize in commercial fitout solutions as they will surely be able to design and construct an office where your entire workforce will thrive.

Help them stay healthy

To be able to perform at a high level, workers need to be fit and healthy. There are many ways you can help them take care of their wellbeing. For one, encourage them to take regular breaks and even go outside during lunch to get some fresh air. Then, you should add a break room to the premises where they can relax for a while and recharge their batteries as well as get a healthy snack. Plus, you can even get reusable water bottles for the whole company (with your logo, of course) to ensure your employees are hydrated. What you should also do is promote fitness by getting them discounts or free memberships at a local gym, or you can even consider adding one to the office. Finally, have a policy in place that will reassure sick employees that taking time off is better than coming in only to perform badly and get everyone sick.

Introduce a rewards system

Praise and rewards also work well for boosting the motivation of a workforce. While money bonuses can be a great way to motivate workers, you should experiment with other types of rewards as well. Otherwise, your employees might start expecting a bonus every time they finish a basic task. For instance, some people simply like to be congratulated after a job well done. Saying ‘thank you’ or ‘great job on that project’ means a lot to employees. You can consider introducing the ‘employee of the month’ reward or something similar which will inspire people to be better at their job seeing as how the winner might get some perks like a closer parking spot, a free trip to the spa or something similar. Get creative and think about certain benefits and rewards that each member of your team would appreciate.

From making sure your employees understand their obligations, giving them feedback and rewarding them to ensuring they are healthy and providing them with a pleasant work environment, relying on these five methods is sure to help you improve the motivation of your workforce. Start by implementing one approach and slowly add the other ones and you will see your company reach new heights.