You can learn a lot about a person from the way their hands look; and we are not just talking about people who work with their hands and have calluses. Little things can reveal a lot about a person: the state of their cuticles, whether they wear their nails long or short, whether or not they wear acrylic nails and nail polish… 

If you want to leave a good impression, you need to take good care of your nails. Here are some of the reasons why nail care should be an essential part of your beauty routine.

First impressions

You only have one chance to leave a good first impression, especially when shaking hands with someone you’ve just met, and if your nails are chipped and dirty, that’s going to be nearly impossible. Seeing as our nails grow all the time, people tend to ignore them and shrug their shoulders at any inconvenience saying ,“They will grow out soon anyway.” While this might be true, growing nails out takes weeks, and if they are constantly dirty and never tended to, they will take even longer. If you are going to shake hands with important people at school or in the office, make sure your nails are in good condition.

The importance of keeping them dry

This is a tricky part, and we don’t want to appear as if we are contradicting ourselves, but as important it is to wash your hands and clean your nails thoroughly, you still don’t want to expose them to water and harsh chemicals for too long. 

Think about how many times you wash your hands during the day, and ass all the dishes and delicate pieces of clothes that have to be hand-washed to the mix. It all adds up rather quickly, and, over time, you are putting your nails at risk because yeast and bacteria can grow under or around them. When you keep your nails in water for too long, it can cause them to split, so whenever possible, try wearing cotton-lined gloves, especially when you use chemical cleaning supplies..

Using natural products

Even when you’re very careful and doing your best to protect your hands from any damage, it can still happen, and you need to think about ways to help them recover afterward. This is especially important if you are a fan of gel and acrylic manicures because these can damage your nails over time. 

If you’re hoping to give your nails a break, you should look for natural nail products and use them along with acetone-free nail polish removers for the best results. This is because different nail polishes and chemicals that are usually used in manicures and pedicures will dry out your nails, especially if you use them over longer periods of time. 

Risks of infection

Even if you hydrate and moisturize your hands and take good care of your nails, you can have problems with cuticles and hangnails. When you have them, it can be difficult to stop yourself from picking at them or pulling them. These habits are very bad because they will likely cause further damage and even increase the risk of infection. If you do happen to have cuticles and hangnails, you can fight them by applying nail oil or hand cream directly to the nails and as well as to the skin surrounding them. This will not only help reduce peeling skin, but it will also help you resist the temptation to pick at it.

Avoid nail biting

The statistics are quite alarming as almost half of all children tend to bite their nails, and many of them don’t drop the habit even when they reach adulthood. Nail-biting is bad because it can damage the skin around the nail, increase the risk of infections, damage the person’s teeth, and even contribute to jaw pain. 

People bite their nails out of boredom or because they are stressed and anxious, but you should try to find ways to stop yourself from doing it. For starters, keep your nails trimmed short, try to discover exactly what your triggers for nail biting are, and replace the nail-biting habit with a good one, such as playing with a stress ball or doodling on a piece of paper.

Keeping your nails clean, well maintained, and healthy will let everyone know that you’re serious about your appearance and that you pay close attention to details. It’s not just about keeping your hands and nails clean; it’s about how hydrated the skin on your hands is and the shape of your nails too. If this seems like something that takes too much of your time, you can always visit a professional and get the best nail care service for yourself.