If you love the relaxing qualities, social environment, and exercise benefits that a pool provides, then a swim spa may be the perfect choice for you. For those who don't have space, finances, or aren't interested in the enormous time and maintenance that comes with having an in-ground pool, there is no doubt that a swim spa is your top pick!

A swim spa is a portable unit that offers both swimming and hot tubbing features providing the best of both worlds! 

Check out the top 7 reasons why you need a swim spa

1. Size

Swimming pools can take over a backyard and leave little room for much else. However, swim spas offer all the benefits of a pool but don't require a massive amount of real estate to own. So, whether you have acres to spare, a smaller plot of land, or even an enclosed patio, a swim spa is a perfect fit. 

2. Cost

A swimming pool is not only expensive to install, but the cost of maintenance adds up for just a few months of enjoyment. Swim spas require less water, chemical, and no winterization and therefore are a fraction of the price without the substantial maintenance costs.

3. Fitness

Staying in shape is a breeze with a swim spa. Swim spas allow you to swim continuously against a water current so you never "hit the wall" or have to turn around to continue to swim laps like in a regular pool or a lap pool. Swim Spas provide a great exercise workout all year round and are a favorite training method of top-elite athletes.

4. Portability

If you aren't in your forever home, then the financial investment of an in-ground pool to say goodbye to it a few short years later doesn't make a lot of sense. A swim spa is easily portable and can move with you wherever you go, which allows you to have a relaxing time anywhere at any time.

5. Mental and physical health

Using your swim spa regularly can help improve your mental and physical health. Swimming can be an effective way of staying in shape, helping in rehabilitation, reducing stress, and creating a relaxing environment that aids in better sleep and overall wellness.

6. Location

Swim spas are not relegated to the outdoors. Unlike small swimming pools that have to be closed for the season when the Fall and Winter hits, you can enjoy a swim spa all year round, and it can be installed in interior areas or even enclosed porches for year-round use. 

7.  Fun

Don't let the size of a swim spa fool you. They are fun for the whole family, and their spa-like quality provides a great place to hang out after a long day at work or to enjoy on a lazy Sunday afternoon with friends. Plus, the kids love the sluggish river quality the jets create! 

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