French Press

It isn’t unusual for people to make mistakes when using their French press. Sometimes you can’t avoid taking a shortcut with your machines when in a rush. Well, you may get to work on time, but your off-tasting coffee will be evidence enough that you weren’t doing things right.

Things like not getting the water at the right temperature may seem insignificant, but it can actually affect the taste of your coffee. Any part of the process done incorrectly will impact the overall result.

Here’s our roundup of the seven common mistakes to avoid when using your French press.

Choosing the Wrong Coffee Beans

What mistakes could you be making with your coffee beans? Often we put the priority on ease and time rather than quality. Some of us are guilty of going for coffee because it’s convenient and not because we actually enjoy drinking it.

You’re quick to grab coffee beans off the shelf without really thinking about it. They could be pre-ground beans, have strange labels, or be low-quality, and you couldn’t care less. This isn’t the right way to go about it at all.

The right thing to do would be to take a closer look at the beans you’re purchasing, read their labels, and go for nothing less than high quality.

People think that their French press machines can make any coffee magically taste amazing. When you’re using poor quality coffee beans, the process you use is hardly going to make any difference.

Getting the Amount and Temperature of the Water Wrong

Water is another area where people tend to make mistakes when it comes to their coffee. Water is a major factor that’s going to influence the cup of coffee you’re going to get.

Both the amount and temperature of the water is commonly overlooked. People also don’t often consider the source of the water and what’s in it. All these elements can change the taste of your coffee.

Fortunately, with this part, all it takes is a bit of awareness. You’ll have to admit that it’s easier to regulate water usage than it is coffee beans. So the next time your coffee ends up tasting like dirty water, don’t immediately blame your French press machine.

Bad Brewing

Temperature and time are two factors that impact the outcome of your coffee while brewing. When the temperature of the water is higher, the extraction process is faster. Keep in mind the relationship between these two elements when making your coffee so that you’ll get just the right result.

Taking too long to brew in boiling temperatures can result in more noticeable acids in the coffee. On the other hand, when you fail to brew coffee at cooler temperatures at just the right time, you’ll be tasting drab coffee afterward.

Get the temperature-to-time ratio right, and you can get perfectly brewed coffee ready for your French press machine.

Forgetting to Clean

You’re probably so addicted to your French press machine that cleaning it becomes the last thing on your mind. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make because dirty equipment can lead to coffee bean oils turning putrid inside, affecting the taste of your coffee and giving it an acidic, bitter flavor.

Too Much Creamer and Sugar

Ramping up on the creamer and sugar is one of the worst mistakes you can make when making coffee that not even your French press can save you from. These ingredients can mask the true flavor of the coffee, making it seem richer than it actually is when, in reality, all it does is cause your coffee to pack less of a punch in the caffeine department. Again, it’s not the machine’s fault.

Leaving Your Coffee

It’s common for people to brew more than they can actually drink. You’ve got to save some for later, right? The thing is, by the time “later” comes, your coffee may no longer taste as good as you want it.

It’s important to remember that the entire time you’re leaving your coffee in the machine, it’s still brewing. So while you’re relishing the taste of that first cup in the morning, the second one is already being over-extracted.

The best thing to do after brewing your coffee is to pour all of it out. Take note that your French press may not be able to rescue stale coffee.

Not Cleaning After Every Use

We’ve already discussed the downside of using a dirty French press. It makes your coffee more acidic, which is definitely something you don’t want.

Clean your machine after every use to avoid acidic tasting coffee. Wipe old coffee grounds and rancid oils from your press regularly so that you get a consistent outcome every time.

Final Verdict

French press machines are great for ramping up the taste and flavor of your coffee, but to get the best outcome, you must be aware of the right ways to use it. Among these ways is knowing the errors people typically make when using their French press and avoiding them.

Doing this not only helps you get the best-tasting coffee but also a longer-lasting French press machine. Find out how to choose the best machine for your needs by visiting