Polyurethane caster wheel is made of elastic materials. They can be as soft as rubber or as hard as plastic. Polyurethane, short for PU, is a multi-purpose material that allows for use in a variety of fields, such as industrial wheels and rollers. Generally, PU casters are more popular than other materials such as metal, plastic, or rubber.
Does PU caster have any advantages over other materials?
1. PU Caster vs. Metal Caster
PU casters are better than metal wheels due to the following features:
• Lightweight;
• Wear and corrosion resistance;
• Noise reduction performance;
• Non-conductive and non-sparking.
2. PU Caster vs. Rubber Caster
PU casters are more durable than rubber wheels. Also, they have more advantages, such as:
• Oil and ozone resistance;
• Improved hardness range;
• High tear resistance;
• Quality and improved carrying capacity.

3. PU Caster vs. Plastic Caster
PU wheels are more popular than plastic casters because they have a better range of functions, such as:
• Significant friction coefficient;
• Low-temperature resistance;
• High impact resistance;
• Elastic memory;
• Thick section molding.

Why should you choose the PU caster wheel?
#1 PU caster has better performance.
PU casters have impressive bearing capacity while maintaining their noise reduction and shock absorption. They are ideal for almost all types of industrial applications because hard wheels made of steel or iron are noisy. PU caster wheels excel at keeping noise levels as low as possible, and they even protect the hearing of people around them. Besides, it is an excellent shock absorber that helps absorb rough terrain.

#2 PU caster wheel comes with excellent corrosion resistance
One important reason that you should consider PU caster is its improved corrosion resistance to a variety of chemicals, solvents, or water. Polyurethane will neither corrode in the presence of water nor change its efficacy in contact with harmful chemicals.
#3 PU caster better protects the floor.
Polyurethane creates a wider footprint than other common wheel materials. The enlarged area helps to reduce the pressure on the floors, prevent damage to them, and extend their service life.

#4 PU caster improves productivity
Polyurethane casters are the go-to-solution to enhance the speed of equipment and inventory through an industrial building. That is why industrial casters are preferred for a great variety of industrial applications because they help to boost manufacturing processes.
The past five decades have witnessed a remarkable improvement in the polyurethane application in industrial casters and wheels. It improves the working conditions of many employees and guarantees everyone's safety. Proper use of these materials in applications requires application knowledge (weight, speed, and environment) and understanding of the physical properties of available materials. Matching each other will lead to a very acceptable life cycle for the product.

Where can I buy the best quality industrial casters?
Our recommended professional light swivel caster is SUPO Casters. This casters manufacturer features an impressive light caster series with three main weight categories, namely light, medium, and heavy duties. According to the load you are considering for transportation, you can choose the one most suited to your situation. SUPO PU series can be used on a variety of surfaces, including brick, concrete, carpet, linoleum, asphalt, sandy surfaces, and much more.

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