natural mineral water

Have you ever thought that the natural mineral water you usually drink holds many surprising and amazing health benefits? 

You might not believe it, but it's the unbelievable truth!

Basically, mineral water is a crucial mixture of minerals like sodium, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Unlike from the tap & boiled water, it enhances the health upon regular consumption and offers potential health benefits. Depending upon the type & amount of minerals and where it comes from, benefits and flavour of mineral water varies. 

Now you can’t wait to know more about mineral water! Right?

Sit relax & read this article. Here, we’re going to discuss all the possible health benefits associated with mineral drinking water.

Before we started, It’s pretty obvious to know what mineral-rich water actually is? And Why should you prefer mineral rich water over normal tap water? 

Table of Contents

  1. Mineral-rich Water Overcomes Cardiac Disorders
  2. Improves Bone Health
  3. Maintains Blood Pressure
  4. Controls Body Fat
  5. Prevent Muscle Cramps
  6. Good To Have Healthy & Stronger Hair
  7. Decreases Constipation Effect
  8. Good For Acidity
  9. Increases Physical as well as Mental Alertness

Mineral-Rich Water

The natural mineral-rich water originates from geologically and physically protected underground water sources such as reservoirs and mineral springs. It contains high amounts of minerals and other naturally occurring compounds that offer legitimate health benefits. 

In simple words, mineral-rich waters come out of the earth that way. 

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), mineral-rich water, also called alkaline drinking water, must have no less than 250 ppm of total dissolved solids, trace elements and minerals. 

Also, many health experts say that they’re one of the most potent ways to increase your mineral intake. 

Why Prefer Mineral Water Over Tap Water?

It’s a ubiquitous question that usually everyone asks why should I prefer mineral-rich water over tap water? 

The simple-to-understand and genuine reason are - “it is convenient.” While it’s not as simple as just turning on a tap, it needs some effort to pull a cold bottle from the fridge that you can even carry with you to the classroom, gym, office, and in the car. 

Away from the convenience factor, one of the leading reasons people prefer bottled water (mineral water) over tap water is the taste. It offers many flavorings and essences essential for the body. 

Though the water originates from the natural sources, it doesn’t have the unpleasant taste and odour that tap water has. Limited carbonation, supplementing citrus and berries makes it taste better and feel more energetic all day. And, it is the reason it has the potential benefits of encouraging you to drink more water overall. 

So, now, let’s move to the incredible benefits of mineral rich water.

9 Amazing Benefits For Drinking Mineral-Rich Water

#1 Mineral-rich Water Overcomes Cardiac Disorders

It metabolizes fat from the human body. Since bad cholesterol gets stored in the adipose tissues and blood capillaries, it improves the chances of heart attacks.

Mineral-rich water blocks the production of harmful cholesterol in the body and prevents heart attacks. Moreover, it also stops the growth and accumulation of low-density lipoproteins (LDL) in capillaries and reopens all the blocked capillary pathways. 

#2 Improves Bone Health

Regular consumption of alkaline drinking water enhances bone health and prevents various diseases that harm human health. 

It decreases post-menopausal bone density (osteoporosis) effects in women and controls muscle performance with its concentrated magnesium sulphate, bicarbonate, sodium sulphate, and chloride content. 

#3 Maintains Blood Pressure

High blood pressure increases the force that flowing blood exerts on the artery walls. If the situation continues, it can harm the heart and raise the risk of stroke and other major health issues.

Researchers observed that consistent consumption of water high in “calcium & magnesium content” can help reduce blood pressure levels. 

It is also concluded in a survey that drinking 34 ounces of alkaline water each day helps 70 adults to manage their blood pressure level. 

#4 Controls Body Fat

Another essential health benefit of mineral-rich water is, it is a fat-free supplement and helps in fat breakdown. As it contains the right amount of fat metabolizing minerals, it burns extra layers of fat in your body and makes you slimmer and stronger. 

Above all, it is a better choice to have over an aerated drink and soda waters. Everyday consumption can surely help in weight loss. 

#5 Prevent Muscle Cramps

Mineral-rich water, which provides possible benefits against weight management, also helps maintain performance during exercise/workout. It holds the potential to prevent muscle cramps with its magnesium content and offers cramp-free and flexible muscles. 

Apart from that, it also enhances the response rate of muscles by which it becomes more supportive of the contraction and expansion process. 

In simple words, mineral-rich water promotes physical alertness and the overall well-being of a human.

#6 Good To Have Healthy & Stronger Hair

It is one of the common issues that has been observed in today's modern world. 

Excess pollution, grime, sun rays affect the hair quality severely and make it look uneven and dull. But regular consumption of mineral water can improve its overall look and health. 

Yes, mineral water gets back the lost strength and shine of hair by restoring the balanced pH level of the scalp. It not only improves hair texture but also provides strength to each hair strand against loss produced due to hazardous climate conditions. 

#7 Decreases Constipation Effects

The high concentration of magnesium and sulphate content in mineral water not only prevents constipation but also treats its effects. These minerals allow water to flow into the intestines and relax intestinal muscles quickly. That further enhances bowel movement and lowers down constipation effects. 

Besides, it also helps to reduce gastrointestinal distress and the growth of disorders associated with constipation.

#8 Good For Acidity

Mineral water contains sulphates that are useful catalysts for the pancreas to generate digestive enzymes such as “lipase and amylase.” These digestive enzymes fight health issues like bloating, vomiting and further reduce the concentration of harmful bacteria in the duodenum and pipes. In the end, the problem of acidity is quashed completely with proper digestion.

#9 Increases Physical as well as Mental Alertness

Do you know that potassium is known as a memory charging mineral? Yes, it is one of the active constituents of the electrolyte in the human brain. 

Therefore, the mineral water, enriched with the right potassium concentration, emerges out as an excellent choice for increasing one’s memory and strength. It not just enhances mental alertness but also hinders exhaustion and laziness. 

Concluding Remarks

We believe, now you understand why mineral-rich water is the best for drinking purposes. Different from fruity soda water that contains artificial additives and colorants; mineral-rich water contains natural minerals and offers incredible health benefits. 

The benefits, as mentioned earlier, are evident why it has gained so much recognition, and people are turning from tap water to it. We hope you also start drinking it regularly and get benefited from its amazing benefits.

Rest, if you feel any doubt in the post, then let us know in the comment section below. Your feedback means a lot to us. If in case, you know more such benefits, then do share with us. We appreciate your thoughts & opinions. 

Stay Fit & Healthy With Alkaline Drinking Water!

Author Bio: Kenneth J. Guoin is a manager at “Ophora Water Technologies”. He invented water filter systems to replace the use of chlorine providing the purest form of drinking water. Besides taking care of sales, he also likes to share his views regarding water technology.