Perfect Ideas

Alzheimer’s is a progressive brain disorder that affects the memory and thinking skills of a patient. This irreversible condition first appears in the 60s. It’s one of the leading causes of dementia in millions of people. Building a miniature model of a city they know or love is a great way to keep the mind of the elderly active. You can use n scale buildings, ho scale buildings and even model railroads and trains. It's a very relaxing and rewarding activity, especially for people who need something to focus on.

So, when choosing the perfect gift for someone with the disorder, think about something that can make their lives easier, comfortable, and enjoyable. Everyone deserves our respect and care. So, it is perfectly normal to be overwhelmed while choosing a gift for someone with Alzheimer's. Here are a few creative gift ideas that anyone will appreciate.

Gift Ideas For Early Or Mild - Stage Alzheimer's

1. Cards With Pre-stamped Envelopes

In this era of voice calls and video chats, writing to friends and family can be an enjoyable activity for people in the early stage of the disease. So, you can add several pre-stamped envelopes and blank cards in your gift basket.

2. A Clock Displaying Time, Day, and Date

For someone struggling with orientation concerning the ability to form a mental status about a place, time, and situation - a clock displaying time, day, and date is a perfect gift.

3. Family Photo Calendar

A unique way to jog one’s loving memory is by gifting them an annual calendar with all the special days marked, such as birthdays and anniversaries. You can also add a photo corresponding with the person related to that special day.

4. Photo Album

You can gift a photo album with pictures of family members with their names and relationships. It can be something like “Sarah Smith, Nephew”.

5. Digital Photo Frame

Your photo album can be in a digital form. Put some family photos onto a memory stick, and they will scroll through on a loop. They will love to see the best family moments in their life. 

6. Custom Medical ID Bracelet

This is the best gift on the list. When your loved one is living away, medical ID bracelets can be life-saving. The small piece of jewelry featuring names and more engraved information related to health conditions, allergies, and medications can help in getting the right emergency treatment. First-responders to a medical emergency look for medical ID bracelets, necklaces, tags, etc. to offer life-saving treatment.

7. A Thank-you Letter

You can write about the lessons you have learned from each of your loved ones. This letter can be a list of special memories they have given you.

8. Gift Cards

It can be a restaurant gift card. The restaurant can deliver nutritious, ready-to-eat food to your loved one.

9. Brain Games

It is important to keep the brain active when your loved one is at the early stage of Alzheimer's. Brain games such as jigsaw puzzles, word-finding activities, and crossword puzzles for the elderly can keep their brains active.

10. Digital Recordings Of Old Family Slides And Movies

Got some old slides or photos in your grandfather’s box? You can preserve them by recording them digitally. These recordings of old memories can make a perfect birthday or anniversary gift for your loved ones.

Gift Ideas For Middle Or Late-Stage Alzheimer's

Look for something more beneficial when you want to buy a gift for your loved ones in the middle or late stage of this condition. You can consider the following:

11. GPS Tracking System

Anyone in this stage often becomes disoriented easily. So, buying a GPS tracking system is a wise decision. A GPS tracking system can help in locating them in case they get lost.

12. Custom Medical ID Bracelet

It has to be on the list again as any individual in one of these two stages needs cheap medical ID bracelets more than ever. Folks in these stages are more likely to experience emergency situations. So, send them N-Style ID’s cheap medical ID bracelets not only to ensure their safety but also for their stylish looks.

13. Custom Jewelry

For those who enjoy fashion and latest trends, what can be better than gifting custom jewelry. Fortunately, you can even consider N-Style ID’s medical ID jewelry, which works both ways. However, make sure that the piece of imitated jewelry does not present any hazard such as choking, sharp edges, etc.

14. An Appointment With A Certified Massage Therapist

You can hire a certified massage therapist who can visit your loved one to provide a gentle massage. A good session of massage therapy can help in controlling pain and anxiety.

15. Comfy Clothes

The items of clothing you purchase must be easy to put on or change. While ensuring comfort, don't neglect their preferred colors and personal style quotient.

Living with Alzheimer's is challenging for anyone who suffers from it. Sending a gift is not only the best way to express your love and respect, but gifting them these items can help and support them in assisted living!