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How to increase speed is surely a hot topic these days. Improving the speed of your website is something to worry about the most. Generally, users prefer to visit that website that has a better loading speed and gives instant results. It is not a much different process to optimize the speed of the website. Different tools and techniques can help to improve the speed of your website without using any plugins.

Studies show that if the site loading speed is more than two seconds then the website has 47% of the more visitors. You do not need to worry about the page loading time when you are running an e-commerce store on WordPress. There are numerous ways to improve the speed of a website without plugin and it will make your website more profitable.

Choosing the best host provider with unlimited bandwidth provides the fastest access to your page and this will engage a number of the customers. By lowering your website’s loading time, it will help tremendously in improving the experience of your visitor. Disabling some unnecessary functions makes the website flexible, compatible, better, fast and easy to use.

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Best Ways WordPress Website Speed be Escalated Without Using Plugin?

WordPress speed can be optimized in different ways without the plugin so that the speed of the website can be increased at a high rate.

Now the question is why speed is important for any website?

There is a study that shows the average human attention span has dropped from 12 to 7 seconds.

There is one case study that involves various brands such as google, amazon, etc. that reveal that delay of 1 second in page load time can lead to at 7% loss in conversions, 11% fewer page views, and a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction. So any website needs to have a better speed, a website needs to optimize the better results.

Different things can slow down your website, such as:

  • Website hosting
  • Wordpress configuration
  • Bad plugins
  • External scripts
Before checking the speed, it is essential to check the insights first for the WordPress website so that you get an idea about the current scoring of the page also checks the speed of the website.

There are different ways in which speed can be improved without plugins:

Speed Optimization for Images

The image brings quality in the content. It is found that people like to read the content with images. If your image does not have the quality, they are more likely to speed issues. The non-optimized image can cause great concern in the quality and the traffic on the website.

It is very crucial that before uploading any picture, use the editing software to optimize your images so that they have a better quality, which helps to boost up the speed without plugins.

Generally, original photos have large file sizes, but with the compression software, the size can be reduced to 5 times, and it will help to increase the speed.

Optimize Processes in the Background

There are a number of processes which run in the history of your WordPress website like WordPress plugin tasks, WordPress Cron jobs to publish schedule posts and for check website

Backup plugin and moving slowly by the search engine can slow down the website. So to optimize the speed of your website, it is important that WordPress backup login can run on the low traffic time of your website. Adjust the frequency of the backup and excessive crawling of the website.

Use of Content Delivery Network

As we know, different geographical areas have different geographic functions. One may feel the difference in loading time in different locations.

Taking an example, if one company is in german, then the visitor may feel a fast loading time than a visitor in Australia.

With the good use of the content delivery, it can help to speed up the loading time for every visitor

A CDN is a network made up of servers from the globe. Each server will store “static” files used to make up your website. A static file is the unchanging files such as images, CSS, and JavaScript, etc.

Whenever you use CDN on your website, they are served with static files from whichever server is closest to them. This will make your own web hosting server faster since the CDN is doing a lot of work.

Eliminate Short Links and Emoticons

Short Links removal can help to increase the speed of the website without any plugin. Disabling emoticons also helps to reduce the burden of the website. If you are not using the short links, it is better to remove the extra link because they occupied the space in the memory, and it also lessens the speed of the website.

Disabling the emoticons from the website Which are heavy that are added in the older versions of your WordPress site also reduces the speed. So, it is better to remove the excessive images and emoticons.

Curtail Https Request

Hypertext transfer protocol is counted whenever the browser fetches any file, page, pictures, etc. it is found that these requests take up a maximum load of the page. Https requests can be reduced by limiting the number of images you use. By combining the number of images in one sprite sheet. This will help to increase the speed of your website without any hassle.


Wrapping up this article, we have discussed the different ways to improve the speed of WordPress website without a plugin. This article will help you to know about how to improve WordPress speed and performance. After trying all the techniques, you will feel the difference. But please do not forget to check the speed of your website. These techniques will improve the performance of the website and it helps to engage the number of customers.

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