The .NET Framework is a software platform that is ideal for creating web applications for Windows. When they were initially released in 2002, they had one common goal - to overcome the problems of any application development. Therefore they are considered to be one of the most integral parts of any Web application development that take place in the present era. .NET Framework is supported by Framework Class Library (FCL) and Common Language Runtime (CLR) which are the two main libraries that act as an interceptor for several programming languages. Thus the Framework supports all Windows servers, XML web services, Windows phone, Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Azure.

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Features of Framework Class Library (FCL)
  • They include a set of standard class libraries. These can be executed with common functions like Graphic rendering, XML document manipulation and database interaction.
  • Reusable types are closely associated with it.
  • The object-oriented class library targets achieving the gamut of common programming tasks. These tasks include string management, file access, database connectivity and data collection.
Features of Common Language Runtime (CLR)
  • CLR helps in memory management, execution of cores and threads, verification of secured code, compilation and other system services.
  • They help to run and implement the code with access
  • You can host server-side applications like Microsoft SQL and Internet Information Services (IIS) which are always more significant with the performance. These applications are hosted through runtime.
  • The code is powerful and robust. They follow strict code verification for the infrastructure, called the Common Type System (CTS)
  • Just in time (JIT) compiling allows all the codes to run in the native machine language. It uses as a standard format to execute the memory manager. Thus the fragmented memory is removed and in turn, increases the memory of reference locality, which improves the performance.
Why is the .NET Framework implemented for the development of web applications for businesses?

The success or failure of the products is typically decided by the return on investment. This can be a startup or a business running for over a decade. Commonly, the ROI of the company is dependent on two main aspects: Quantum of profits and time taken for the profit. The following are the critical reason why .NET is proven to be the best Framework for the website application development.

Increased reuse of code

The Framework here runs on Object-Oriented Programming that enables reuse of the codes, ensuring less coding for the developers. The .NET contains mostly the recycled codes that make almost every component reusable. This saves a lot of time involved in developing and reduces the cost of application development.

Deployment becomes easy

The No-Impact applications are the best example of how the deployment has become a lot easier with .NET. The code can be executed in all environments, which diminishes the conflicts in software implementation at higher Strata. Also, other essential components include controlled code sharing, special applications partially trusted code, side-by-side versioning and other similar aspects that minimize performance problems. Also, this works both on the scripted and interpreted environment.

Trust and reliability

Since they were launched in this decade, .NET has helped in making numerous applications worldwide. The performance was proven to be trustworthy as they are successfully working on the servers like Microsoft, windows 2000 and windows 2003.

Secured platform

.NET is one of the most secure programs that enhance web application mainly because it is run by Window confirmation and configuration. CLR and Managed code are two essential features that always help in safeguarding the code access.

Using across all platforms

One important reason why a .net development company prefers this framework is that applications can be designed for multiple platforms. You can develop for desktop browser, desktop, mobile browser and even run on a PDA. They support and promote any independent language framework that can help to perform in various compliant languages like Visual COBOL, C#, C++, IronRuby and VB.NET.

For growing businesses, .NET provides a scalable environment to run web applications. Hence they are the most preferred platform today. Hire .net developers to leverage the extensive tool options available that support both internal and customer ecosystem.