Importance of Marinades

You probably heard about marinades and you are wondering what they might do to your food. It is not just the Indian recipes that are filled with them, but you will be surprised to find how recommended they are by top chefs. Marinades are liquid solutions in which you soak your food, whether it is meat, seafood or chicken. When you add marinade to your food, they give it tons of flavor and make your meat more tender. It also breaks down your food, so when you actually start the cooking process, it does not dry out easily.

Whether you are a foodie who wants to know the importance of these flavors to your food or someone who enjoys cooking, here is why marinades are useful in every delicious meal. 

They make your meat tender

Tenderization is one crucial benefit that marinades give your food. The acid found in these solutions breaks down and alter the fibers, giving your food a tender feel. These acids tend to include vinegar, wine, beer, or lemon juice. You can also make your food more tender by adding enzymes that help in the breakdown process, such as fresh ginger, raw onions, and pineapples. Another powerful tool of marinating your meat would include adding fermented milk products such as buttermilk and yoghurt. Because of the healthy bacteria found in them, these products tend to have digestive qualities as well as making your meat moist. 

They give your meat flavor

Want to know why some food tends to be flavor packed? Why is a plain chicken breast different from an herb-filled one? It is all because of marinades! According to the recipes found on, marinating not only gives your meat more moisture and flavor, but also breaks down proteins therefore making it a lot easier for the body to digest. The secret to making the perfect grilled pork chops or any grilled meat is in the marinades. You also get to be as creative as you want and add whatever flavors that suit your taste. Your choice of herbs in the marinating process greatly affects the resulting flavor. The choices are endless, so you might want to do some research before you start the process. Remember to ask your family or partner if they have any allergies or certain preferences before adding marinades. 

They have health benefits

Believe it or not, but these marinades do a lot more than just give your food flavor. When you cook your food at very high temperatures, these solutions are useful since they work on reducing the formation of harmful chemicals caused by such high temperatures. High temperatures tend to have cancer-causing agents that are managed by marinades. You might also want to be careful when you are using marinade recipes. Keep your marinated food in the fridge and keep it away from the raw meat. Avoid reusing a marinade that has been used on uncooked meat. You can always make extra solutions during the process, but always keep whatever is extra in a separate container. Never marinate in aluminum foils, and always use glass or food-safe plastics for the process. 

They are not that difficult to add

Not all marinade recipes are that hard to make. Sometimes all you need is oil, seasonings and a few spices. And thanks to the endless products in the market, there are so many packs you can use for your food that make the process easier. A very basic marinade recipe would include half a cup of olive oil, quarter a cup of lime juice, and 1 packet of Italian salad dressing. Use a blender and add your meat, to make sure all of your meat comes in contact with the marinade. Afterwards, keep your marinated food in a container and store it in the fridge. If you want to use the extra marinades as a sauce, then make sure you boil them for at least 3 minutes before you use them. 

The type of food you can marinate

  • Beef and pork: Marinating does wonders to pork tenderloins, pork chops, sirloins, and round beef cuts. Avoid marinating porterhouse or ribeye, since that can ruin them.
  • Chicken: Marinating chicken is always useful, whether it’s a whole chicken or small parts.
  • Seafood: It’s the easiest to marinate, since the process of absorbing the flavor lasts for no more than an hour.
There are plenty of benefits you get when you marinate your food. Luckily for all of us, marinades can now be easily found in the stores, and the recipes found online make it so easy for us to do them at home. If you really want your food to be packed with flavor and tender, then you might want to consider adding marinades.