Invalid Passcode in Your iPhone

Apart from the most advanced security settings, the most basic feature to ensure safety in your iPhone is to enter a 4-digit passcode. It’s important to diminish unauthorized access to your phone from another user. Remembering your passcode is extremely necessary as it eliminates a lot of risks.

If you insert a lot of wrong attempts, your iPhone might get locked temporarily or it might even delete all your data.

What are the risks of inserting an invalid passcode multiple times?

If you attempt entering the wrong passcodes up to six times, your iPhone will get disabled. You need to wait a minute to try another passcode attempt to unlock it. You can’t unlock your phone until this minute passes, and you cannot access your data either. When the message “Try Again’ gets displayed, you can attempt it again. If you continue to enter a wrong passcode further, your phone will be disabled for five minutes after seven wrong attempts. Eight wrong attempts will disable it for fifteen minutes, nine wrong attempts will disable it for sixty minutes, and ten wrong attempts will permanently disable your iPhone, leading to a pop-up message saying ‘iPhone is disabled. Connect to iTunes’. If your settings aren’t updated, you might also end up losing all your data. 

Risk of getting data erased

As we mentioned, trying to unlock your iPhone with ten wrong passcodes could erase your data entirely. Even though this option is deselected from the beginning, you can still avoid this by deselecting the option of ‘data erase’ while setting your passcode. The path to this setting is ‘Settings > General > Passcode Lock’ and select ‘Erase Data’. This option is generally useful if your phone is hacked or stolen, helping in securing your personal information, however, if you don’t have your data backed up you may lose it permanently. If you end up losing your data like photos, contacts and important messages, you can restore them through iCloud or by accessing iTunes.

Taking help from itunes

If you fear losing your data, you can back it up by accessing iTunes on your computer, which is a fairly simple process to follow. This guide at suggests that the easiest way to unlock or renew your iPhone passcode is through syncing it to iTunes on your computer. When this message, ‘Connect to iTunes’ pops up, you can sync it with your iPhone by connecting it to your computer. You can back up all your data and restore it to your phone to gather all the lost information. To connect and sync your phone with iTunes for the first time, you can access iTunes on your computer by plugging your phone in a USB cable. A message, ‘Connect to iTunes’ will pop up when you press your phone’s home button, after which you can back up and restore your data from it or getting your phone to restore to factory settings. 

You might have to reboot your phone while it is still connected to your phone, by pressing and holding the home and power buttons together. This process also ensures that your phone passcode is deleted, and you can reset a new one, making it an entirely new function from the initial stage.

An alternative

An alternative option to using iTunes is ‘Find My iPhone’ and iCloud. Basically, you need to delete your iPhone as a device on your iCloud account. You need to find your iPhone as a registered device from the ‘Devices’ list after you log into your iCloud account and select the option ‘Erase iPhone’. You again need to select the ‘Erase’ function after logging in with your Apple ID and password. Your main aim is to restore your iPhone back to factory settings, by erasing your phone as a registered device. This process of erasing will only be carried out when the internet is connected, after which you can set a new password and use your phone as a new device. However, this might also erase all your personal data. 

As you can see, your personal and important information is at stake when you insert an invalid passcode several times. A wise method to protect your data and keep it safe is by backing it up on iTunes and your iCloud device. You can easily restore your contacts, images, applications, and messages in this manner. You might have to check the version of the operating system that you’re using. However, remembering your passcode is utterly important to avoid going through all this hassle in the first place.