Convert Garage Into Gym

Working out at your convenience is the luxury freelancer or professional can never afford. Instead of wasting money on a gym membership, why not create your personal gym in the garage. This way, in the longer run, you will be saving time and money while melting your fat. 

One can install a good workout space at home but if we look from a practical point of view, most of the houses don’t come with such space. Also, distractions like the TV, Video Games, Computer, Laptop, and even kitchen can divert your interest.

Converting Garage into Gym doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. All you need to decide is what type of fitness equipment you wish to buy, do some cleaning and reorganize the space and voila you got a personal gym to workout. Here is a detailed way on how to convert the garage into a gym.

  • Reorganize the Space: Garage is a space for dumping stuff which we don’t wish to use or hoard object that is no longer required. Before converting the garage area into a gym, you need to sort the stuff to make a place for fitness equipment. Clean the clutter, install a metal shelf to organize the things. Having a sturdy shelf will help you store boxes on the top so the place looks unclutter, bigger and ventilated.

Repair and Install Workout Friendly Flooring:

The concrete floor is not an ideal place to workout. A bad flooring can damage your gym equipment but it's also hazardous to perform any type of floor exercise. After organizing the space, you need to check the garage flooring for cracks and chips. Once the base of the floor is fixed, go for a softer flooring alternative that will absorb the shock from the impact of exercise on muscles. There are rubber sheets, foam, carpet tiles and epoxy which can be used to cover the flooring. Make sure the carpet you put on the floor is suitable for exercising. 

  • Installing Lights: Gym needs to be a well-lit place as you will be working there in day or night. Position the lights in such a way that every corner becomes visible to you. Also, the power sockets should be in places where you will be placing treadmill or cross-trainer. If you are planning to have an LCD TV, Sound System, Ceiling Fan or AC Unit with cooling and heating options, you need to get all this work done before you start buying equipment.
  • Mirror Mirror On the Wall: The best way to get motivated while working out is by looking at yourself melting all the fat via sweat. Install a full-length mirror on the wall with the help of construction adhesive or secure it with a sturdy frame. So, while working out you can see if the posture is correct or appreciate yourself after a good exercise session.
  • Proper Insulation: The one thing that can hinder your workout routine is the ambiance in the garage. Too hot or too cold weather can become a demotivating factor for anyone. Consider the weather of your area for 12 months so you can have a proper insulation system in the garage. If you have limited finance, opt for portable air conditioner and fan. If you have a colder season, installing a proper insulation system will make your workout time enjoyable.
  • Investing in Exercise Equipment: While the main focus of this article is all about saving money, investing money on good exercise equipment depending on your preference will be a wise choice in the long run. The best choice for any home gym is the treadmill, elliptical, spin cycle or the stepper. Pick out the one or two cardio machines which can be easily pushed on the side when not in use. One can also invest in power dumbells with a good stand for specific strength-building exercises. If some space is left, you can have a bench and stand for yoga mats. FormMeFit has lots of good reviews of home workout products like dumbbells that you can check out if you need buying advice.
  • Purchasing Online Training Courses: Another way to up your fitness game is by signing up on fitness programs. There are fitness bloggers on youtube who offer premium fitness courses depending on the difficulty and choice of workouts. So, if you are a busy person, purchase online workout which is 30 minutes or less yet helps you burn more than 300 calories in one go.

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Final Verdict:

The decision on converting part of the garage into a home gym will have its own benefits. First, you won’t have to travel to any specific location as this place will be accessible to you all round the year. A garage is a place that is only used when you want to dump something or park the car. With gym right in the garage, you can utilize the unused space, limit your clutter and help become organized. If you don’t wish to spend much on equipment, there is always an option for second-hand fitness goods. This is the easiest way to look after health without hundreds of dollars.