Investing in the correct type of equipment at the beginning can be helpful and save you a lot of time. If you are living in Singapore and before we tell you how you can choose the right type of swimming equipment, it is recommended to take swimming lessons at Heartbeat Bedok. The lessons allow you to understand all aspects of swimming, the equipment or gear you need, and perfect your techniques. 
Slippers and hygiene
You must consider hygienic habits. First and foremost, you need to buy some Ugg slippers or flip-flops. Your feet and other swimmers will appreciate them, too. Many people move around the pool, and because of the dirt in the humid environment, there are higher chances for bacteria to grow and spread. Also, without slippers, you can slip on the floor. So, you need to buy them to protect yourself. At the same time, we also recommend that you purchase a towel. 
Suitable swimsuits
The second thing you need to buy is a swimsuit. Make sure you choose the one with legs just above the knee. It is pretty beneficial when it comes to avoiding resistance in the water. Also, a proper swimsuit can provide you comfort. You can also choose old-school classics and trunks. Don’t choose a swimsuit that is too tight or loose. Unsuitable swimsuits have pockets in them. You must avoid them. Swimsuits with pockets can put a lot of resistance in the water and make your swimming more difficult. 
Swimming goggles
Purchasing goggles for swimming will make clear to other people that you are swimming like a novice. So, you need to invest in swimming goggles. You must ensure that the goggles fit nicely on your eyes and seal them perfectly. So, when you go to the market and look for goggles, ensure they hold onto your eyes without a rubber strap. There is no need to buy expensive goggles. A medium-priced goggle will do the job. 
Swimming cap
If you have short hair, you don’t need a swimming cap. However, you need one if you have long hair. A swimming cap is mandatory for women, but it is optional for men. Caps are made of different materials, such as polyester and silicon.

Experts recommend a high-quality silicone cap. Some swimming experts also suggest buying a cap made of both polyester and silicon. We recommend you not buy a cloth cap because it does not hold on to your head. At the same time, a cap made of pure cloth will not protect your hair against chlorine.

Mesh bag 

The standard volume of a mesh bag is about 30 liters. A mesh bag allows you to put all types of swimming equipment, such as a towel, cap, goggles, etc. It is an ideal alternative to plastic bags. So, buy an excellent mesh bag from the supermarket or online. Check the material, specifications, price, and user reviews before buying a durable mesh bag that can carry your swimming equipment.