improving your garage

Garages are perceived just like a storage space where house members can dump everything they want, from worn-out machinery to dirty clothes. Well, there is nothing wrong with all of that, but how well are you organizing your items in this space?

You don’t have to spend so much improving your garage, just do some minor touches here and there and see how big a difference it can bring out.

You don’t have to necessarily copy a specific pattern; you can come up with your own ideas and have your garage to your liking.

All in all, there is a way that you can have your garage glittering. Here are some tips you can use for this makeover and enhance the functionality of your garage.

Get organized.

A garage is the perfect place to organize your belongings. With the help of interior organizers, you cut the jumble in no time by moving your items from the floor and dangling them on the walls.

You can also contemplate overhead storage units that can support 500+lbs and are available in different sizes. Choosing either of the options will help create more space to work, play, walk and easily park your cars.

Insulate the garage.

The fact that garages are rarely detached from the main house, insulation should be key to any garage. Pay attention to insulating it mostly during the cold spells. Insulation makes the space more enjoyable throughout the year and at the same time cut-down the energy bills.

On the other side, during the hot seasons, really high temperature can be recorded but you can just work on your air conditioning system either artificially or naturally.

Use cabinet systems.

Not everything has to be wall suspended. Having cabinets in your garage space is the ideal way to store smaller items or those you are having in bulk. Freestanding cabinets are movable and you can tweak the garage layout whenever you want while fitted cabinets have more stability.

Modernize the interior door.

The fact that it doesn’t draw as much attention as the front door, you simply can't ignore it. If the door is worn out, there is no way around but having it replaced. If it is in fine shape, try repainting it.

Besides, the whole idea is improving every detail concerning your garage and this time this door is a secondary entrance to your garage.

Upgrade the garage door.

Habitually, the garage door is one of the first things that people notice each time they pull-up to your home, so make sure you create a good impression each time someone comes over your place. Ben Garage door services offer a wide range of garage door options to choose from and they always have doors for each architecture.

Use a lift

When you have a premium functional space, why not invest in a car lift and install it in your garage. It helps you utilize the upper space and you can park two vehicles in the same space without necessarily doing some major renovations. On the bottom line, it’s a great way to store your hobby cars, snowmobiles, boats or your seasonal items without the need for extra expenditure on expensive storage services.

Upgrade the floor.

To have a garage that you appreciate anytime you set your foot in it, you need to have the floor in sparkling form. You can have the concrete floor covered by rhino Linings poly aspartic strip in order to have a clean, alluring and a hardwearing surface.

You can also add a garage floor cover.

Focus on fun

If you are not parking your car in the garage, just transform a bay or two into a recreational space. Pool, Darts, table tennis are favoured choices that need a little bit of elbow room that an extra bedroom can’t provide.

You can also have some working out equipment installed in this space such as treadmills dumbbells, and so much more. Make it a mini-gym.

Sound off

Soundproof the room by adding a sound proof material all over and your garage transforms to a music studio. If there is some space, put some chairs in order to have longer jam sessions.

Have adequate lighting

Make sure that every corner of the garage is bright enough. You can also have motion-sensing lights that will always turn on when someone enters the garage and go off upon exit. Dark garages are never appealing and can be hideouts for reptiles and other foreign animals.


A dream home deserves a dream garage and the fact that transforming your garage is more facile than you thought. Ben garage door and gate expert have years of experience and they will always surpass your expectations. To learn more about how to upgrade your garage door, just contact us on (951) 905 8242 or just simply visit our website.