The miniaturization of electronic devices allows reducing their size, without losing quality and performance. A popular device is the portable video projector, now able to be carried anywhere with ease, ensuring optimal resolution, a practical and efficient solution for working or simply viewing films, transmitting images on any white surface. Let's see how to choose a portable projector check Bill Lentis, analyzing the main features to consider during the purchase. 

Portable projector: what it is and how it works
Portable projectors are compact and lightweight devices that allow you to play videos and images through a lighting system and reflective lenses. In particular, these are very practical devices, which can be brought with you for work or entertainment reasons, for example to play with friends or to watch a film in a group. Despite their small size, modern appliances offer good performance, adequate quality and excellent value for money.
First you need to ask yourself what you want to install the projector for. Depending on the method of use, attention must be paid to certain criteria during the purchase phase. It is possible to make a first distinction between home projectors and those designed for the business sector. 

High Quality Projectors
We recommend a 16: 9 video projector for your home use, as most films are available in this format. Full HD (1920x1080) projectors are the most popular in the home cinema sector. If you want to have the best resolution on the market, a 4K projector (3840 x 2160 Pixel) is certainly the right choice. The high-quality Full HD projectors designed for home use also feature "4K Upscaling", such as 4K-Enhancement technology. The latter allows you to view 4K content even through a Full HD screen.
Nowadays a good projector designed for home use supports 3D technology, while a higher range one also allows the calculation of the intermediate image in 2D and 3D. This function allows you to project a fluid image even in case of particularly lively scenes. The intermediate image calculation function is also known as Frame Interpolation. 

Video Quality must be Good
In order for colors and sequences to be reproduced faithfully, your projector must have a contrast ratio of at least 10,000: 1. To purchase the projector with the right level of brightness, it is always necessary to consider the conditions of the projection environment. If your Home use is perfectly darkened, a light intensity of 1500 ANSI Lumens will also suffice. If the environment is particularly bright, a video projector with a brightness of at least 3,000 ANSI Lumens will be required.
To be able to play high-resolution Blu-Ray movies, the projector on rent in Noida must have an HDMI input terminal or a DVI connection compatible with HDCP. Especially for the Home use, the noise level of the device plays a very important role. In the case of installation in the living room, however, other factors such as brightness must be taken into account.
To fully experience the Home use experience, you need to have adequate audio equipment. Since the speakers built into the projector do not always guarantee the highest level of performance, we recommend using an AV receiver with Dolby Digital or DTS sound.