Gone are the days where low-step frames only became reserved for ladies in skirts and dresses, and the step over bicycles got made for men in their shorts and trousers. However, those days the bikes didn't have 350 watts.

Nowadays, everyone is striving to obtain an electric bike that's not only comfy but also convenient. Step-through frames are bikes that have a curved top bar. As a result, there are step-through bicycle frames for every person. Are you yet to obtain a step-through frame bicycle? Below are some of the surprising benefits of step-through frame bikes.

Unparalleled accessibility

If you are searching for a bicycle that easy to mount, then step-through frame bikes are the way to go. It will enable you to hop on as well as dismount the bike effortlessly and with ease. It is spectacularly helpful for persons who are struggling with physically lifting their leg over the high step frame as a result of an injury or advancement in age.

These bikes tend to have an upright seating position, which allows the rider to bike comfortably for long distances because it minimizes back strains. It exerts more pressure and weight on the hips and legs.

You ought to choose a step-through electric bike with an ergonomic design seating position. It will allow for visibility; thus, you can easy everything happening around you, therefore ensuring you remain safe as you get alerts for any unexpected event.

Increases confidence

Step-through frames are quite accessible, thus ideal for riding within densely populated urban areas that need lots of starting and stopping. To can swiftly step off the saddle and stand straight to acquire your balance when needed. If the bike is quite tall for you, you can boost your confidence as a city rider.

Pleasantly practical

Commuting to work with a step-through electric bike has lots of benefits. One incredible advantage is that you don't need to wear a cycling uniform and change it upon reaching to work.

Whenever you use a step-through frame, you can take a ride to the office in your office wear. It's practical to wear professional attire without fear of it ripping off when you are dismounting the bike.

A step-through frame is less risky in stretching clothes while one is on the bike, that you wouldn't have to worry about any discomfort whenever a person wears a skirt or dress. It's a bicycle that allows you to wear anything you choose; thus, you can flaunt your fashion outfit each time you take a ride while keeping your health in top shape.

It's fun

Step-through frames are more comfortable to hop on and off the bicycle. As you ride through the city to a convenient local store or a coffee shop, you can quickly put your goodies in the in-built front basket. Whenever you are out shopping for the best Melbourne bicycles, always choose a bike that you will enjoy riding all the time. You can decide to pick a step-through electric bike as they are unique and fun to ride.


Step-through frames are not only fashion statement bicycles but also safety bicycles. Since it's easy to mount and dismount these bikes, it makes them a phenomenal option for courier delivery personnel. Anyone who needs to get on and off the bikes with ease and frequently should consider selecting these bikes.

There are rare incidences when one might lose off their balance. However, whenever you have this step-through frame, you can protect yourself easily from going down. Thus, you can avoid falling altogether by allowing yourself to swing your leg off the bicycle and swiftly out of dangers way.

Is purchasing a step-through frame the ideal option?

Whenever you are thinking of getting a new bike, you would want equipment that will offer you value. There are so many factors that you ought to put into consideration when buying a new bike. To mention a few factors, you must look at the bike size, bike usage as well as accessibility of the bicycle.

Step-through frames are the ideal option for anyone who is struggling physically to lift their leg over a high-frame due to age, sprain, or an injury.

There’s more to the step-through e-bikes than one could fathom. They are also ideal and convenient for making local trips and deliveries.

Whenever you are thinking of purchasing bikes, including Melbourne bicycles, always choose a bike that will offer you not only comfort but also accessibility. The days where low-step frame bikes were stereotyped to belong to ladies are long gone. You can choose a bike that is a fashion statement and leave you the talk of the town. Riding a motorcycle is right for your heart as well as general body wellness. It would be best if you chose a step-through frame to enable you to enjoy all the benefits stated above and so much more!