Many entrepreneurs today choose to work from home instead of going everyday to an office. However, when your small business projects take up most of your time, it may be time to think about how to become more productive.

Productivity may just be an entrepreneur's best friend. It's a skill you can easily learn along the way and, once you do, it will definitely help a great deal in maintaining a healthy balance between work and your personal life at home.

The great thing about being productive is, the more efficient you are throughout the day, the more time you can free up to put to better use. For instance, you can free up enough time to look for your next project or make more time to spend with your friends and family. But most importantly, by being more productive, you can quickly learn how to create and control an efficient schedule and enjoy life to the fullest.

There are many things you need to know before starting a business and learning how to be productive is one of the most important aspects to consider. Here are a few tips that can help. 

1. Get rid of all the distractions
If you're looking to be more productive, you should first make sure there's nothing to distract you from your work. In other words, you should stop hanging out on Facebook, put your phone on silent mode and focus on your projects! 

If a phone call or message can wait, then by all means, always put your business first. Even if emails flood your inbox, don't let them distract you from a productive workflow. 

You can use myriad productivity apps or have a detailed list of tasks, you still risk wasting hours on end if you don't focus on what's important.
2. Let your friends and family know about your work schedule 

When it comes to working from home, your friends or family members may have a difficult time understanding your need to schedule time for your business. However, that shouldn't stop you from running your home based business the way you see fit.

Whether you're a young adult just starting out as an entrepreneur or a single mom juggling kids and a new business, you need to figure out what's the best time for you to be productive and let everyone else know about it. 

Friends and family can easily distract you from your work. Don't let that happen and explain to everyone that even though you're home, you're actually at work.
3. Don't forget to schedule time for fun and rest 

It may seem counterproductive, but taking the time to unwind and sleep are actually key to a successful business career!

Work hard, party harder might be just a motto, but in many cases it will help you become more efficient when it comes to your business. 

When you're well rested and feel relaxed, you'll be able to focus better on work. Don't feel guilty about taking time off to have fun. Think of it as a reward that will help your business thrive in the long run.
4. Overthinking can kill productivity

A successful small business is all about offering quality services or products to customers. Overthinking every little project detail though, can kill your productivity. 

Whether you're a beginner entrepreneur or an experienced business owner, keep in mind that perfection is unrealistic. If you can attend to the little things later on, move on and focus on what's important. You can always tweak minor details later on and avoid wasting time during your productive hours.
5. Delegate time consuming tasks 

Do you really need to do everything yourself? Failing to delegate can be detrimental to your home based business. 

Your main goal should be to grow as an entrepreneur, so there's nothing wrong with asking for help. 

If you can fit the time throughout the day, then by all means, take care of your tasks on your own. You'll be in full control of your projects and you'll save some money along the way as well!

But when delegating means freeing up time to become more productive, you may want to think about hiring help.
Some businesses grow, other small businesses fail. Competition is fierce today in every industry and, as they say, without labor, nothing prospers.

All in all, being productive is the best way to grow your business in the long run.