The United States gives you a lot of economic opportunities. It has a very diversified environment. Because of its vast land, it exposes you to a whole new environment and exciting experiences. Don't get me started with the weather. 

You might be living in the United States for a while, for a job your company has assigned you, you might be visiting a relative for vacation or for personal matters, and you suddenly feel that you have more than enough reason to stay and the country has grown on you. You might be wondering, what does it take to be a US citizen. Well, if you must know, you must be 18. 

The first thing that you must consider is if you are on a non-immigrant visa or an immigrant visa. 

Non-immigrant vs immigrant

Relocating to another country is a life-changing move, but before you do, you need to obtain some legal documents to get yourself a visa. The visa that you are after depends on your purpose and intended period of time. Basically, we can break this down to two visas 

The United States grants the non-immigrant visa to people who wish to visit and stay for a period of time but has no intention of becoming a citizen and live there permanently. It means that you are only staying there as a tourist for vacation, as an entrepreneur visiting for business or as a professional or national athlete competing. On the other hand, the US grants the immigrant visa for people who plan to live in the country permanently. 
  • If you have a non-immigrant visa, you need another set of requirements to be qualified. You need to understand certain types of classifications and conditions to get a green card as discussed by Ashoori law.
  • If you have an immigrant visa, you are a few steps away from getting your green card.

What is a Green card

Green card Is a slang term for and an identification card that allows you to have the legal privilege to live in the US permanently. 
  • You must be eligible, you can check out the green card eligibility categories. Basically, you have a Family, a job offer, or a large investment. If you are married to a US citizen, you can apply for a green card after 3 years and if you have a Family, you need at least 5 years of living in the US to be granted a green card
  • It was easier to apply for a non-immigrant application than an immigrant application. Sometimes, people do inappropriate things. Once, there is a Filipino comedy movie featured
  • a Filipino immigrant, he married a US citizen, just so he could also have a green card, and most of the time, it happens in real life.

The privilege of having a Green card

Having a green card gives you the right to live and work in the US permanently, so you can finally have that dreamy American house. 

You will also receive certain benefits, like health benefits. You may also keep your former citizenship until you decide to apply for Naturalization, but here's a catch, you have to renew your green card in ten years, but that doesn't mean the US will strip you of your right to live in the US Permanently, not unless you commit a serious crime. You need to renew the card and avoid carrying an expired one, or you might get yourself in big trouble.

Changing citizenship is a serious decision to make. You need to weigh your reasons and be true to your intentions, nonetheless, enjoy exploring and grab opportunities while it lasts.