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Though home automation is becoming quite popular, there is still quite a lot of confusion around it. How does it work? How does it really benefit homeowners? Is it a worthy investment?

Home automation or ‘smart homes’ means making areas in your house easily controlled through a single device. Basically, it’s turning functions of your house from manual to automatic. From simple things like controlling the thermostat to opening garage doors, home automation makes the job almost effortlessly.

It may sound pricey at first but since home automation is becoming a trend, such gadgets are becoming more accessible for average homes. All you need is WiFi and a good smartphone, find about home automation for more information.

Benefits of Home Automation

Home Automation
The market offers various products that can provide solutions to different functions of your house. The keyword here is convenience. Home automation can turn tedious tasks into something you can do with a click of a button.

Many homes are already starting to adopt automation in a few areas of their houses and there are also those who go full suite. There are countless advantages of switching to a smarter home. Here are some of the known benefits of home automation:

  • Save money – The money you save once these systems are installed in your home outweighs the cost you spend during the installation process. Home automation is designed to make your home more cost-efficient in the long run. For example, an automatic thermostat can definitely lower energy consumption as it allows you to program it to work when you’re actually home. Be able to turn off lights and other appliances you’ve forgotten to remotely.
  • Comfort and Convenience – Time is gold. With certain tasks automated, you can save time. Instead of doing minuscule tasks, spend it bonding with the family or relaxing after a long day at work.
  • Increased Safety – Home automation is not just about surveillance cameras. You can avail smart locks, which notify you if there are intruders trying to break in.

How Does Home Automation Work?

Not all remote-controlled devices are considered smart. True home automation is defined by multiple home functions connected in a shared network and can be controlled using one control device.

True home automation relies on one network (Internet of Things) that connects all functions and can be operated using usually an app that you can access through your computer or mobile phone.

Home Automation Ideas

While we are still far from robots preparing you a hot meal, home automation trends can offer smarter solutions to common household functions and items such as the following:

Home Security

Security and home automation work together. Home automation technology has helped hundreds of homes to be more secured. Products like smart locks, intruder alerts, among others have improved security for many homes in the United States.

One of the most popular home automation solutions is smart garage doors. Modern garage doors can be installed with automatic openers that can be controlled and operated using a mobile app. New units are built-in with advanced features like roller codes that changes your security lock every time you’ve used it. Thus, lessening the risk of getting hacked by unwanted visitors.

Lighting and Entertainment

Entertainment is a huge industry for home automation. Statistics show how much homeowners invest in good entertainment systems not just for personal relaxation but also for guests.

Got an unused space? Transform it into your very own movie theater! Adding home automation to that, you can easily adjust the projector, dim the lights, and play a movie on your smartphone while sitting on your lazy boy chair.

Smart lighting can also make the right impressions for your guests. If you are hosting a party, set the right mood as the music changes by making the lights dimmer or brighter. You may even change the entire color scheme of your homes with LED bulbs for added impact. With a flick of your phone, you can also instantly personalize your playlist making the right impression to your guests.

Temperature Control

Instead of waiting to arrive home to set the thermostat, do it remotely before you leave the office. Simply sit back and relax when you get home. There are also devices have complex sensors that can detect who is in the house and adjust the temperature to their preference.

Home Health

Home health check can help you keep track of how your home is affecting your health or the environment, which homeowners can review through the report it provides. It also detects possible issues like leakage and smoke. It also helps detect humidity and pollution.

As technology further advances, homeowners are excited to learn what the future holds for home automation. From simple to mundane chores, home automation can definitely assist you to make more time with the family and make living a lot better.

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