IoT Trends in 2019

There is a need of the hour for most businesses, and it is to reinvent them because the current climate is rewarding those who innovate and break through boundaries. Alternatively, the startups or companies that remain stuck in the past could be more capable of excelling and unable to compete in the market. One of the ways that startups can take advantage of a new and remarkable innovation in the market is by following the trend in the market for the Internet of Things. IoT development services will benefit startups and help them succeed in a challenging marketplace.  The following article will help you decide whether to hire an IoT development company and change your business.

IoT Trends

What is the internet of things?

The IoT is a model in which multiple devices are connected to one interface or network. This allows for all of them to be controlled together and enables the transfer of data instantaneously from all the devices to each other. This idea originated in the 1990s but has only gained traction with more efficient hardware being available, leading to multiple devices being connected. This has led to IoT development companies and considerable demand for their services has grown. So for those looking to pave their way into this technology field, the following are the trends you can use for your startup.

1. The Increase in Smart Devices

We are already witnessing an almost rampant increase in smart devices available to consumers. With examples such as Google Home and Alexa, we see the widespread accessibility and marketing of household control devices that connect to multiple devices, relay commands over various channels and even receive and respond to data gathered through all the devices. With such tasks as opening the door or turning on the lights relegated to these machines, we can see the growing power of the internet of things. However, it would be wrong to assume that this will stop here. Instead, the market will continue to produce devices, pushing the boundaries of what we perceive as intelligent devices. 

In 2024, we can see a growing list of tasks and operations being connected to the IoT model and someday, we may even assume that robots will perform the most difficult of tasks, such as the job of a security guard or cooking, and all this will be done with the touch of a button. Services similar to the IoT development company will attempt to include the building of such devices in their portfolio, and many will also come up with more diverse and elaborate ways of making these devices achieve more. This will ultimately result in a more significant rise in the technology and software related to intelligent devices. This enables you to choose to develop a smart device for your startup, which can be a very lucrative prospect.

2. The Internet of Things will move towards the more portable side

Right now, the notion of the IoT model is centered on the large lumbering devices we see daily or the intelligent devices mentioned above. There may be some form of mobile connectivity to the Internet of Things present, but there need to be more options compared to devices that are not portable. However, we may expect this to change in the year 2024. 

With mobile devices becoming more robust and powerful, there will be a greater capacity to withstand the pressures exerted by the Internet of Things. The trend will be to shift functions to the mobile platform, and as more and more tasks are made to operate on portable devices, we may see greater ease in using the Internet of Things. We may expect services such as an IoT Development Services Company to offer the production and development of applications that are compatible with mobiles. Hence, making a mobile application using the IoT model is perfect for your startup.

3. IoT will expand into more and more businesses and startups

Right now, the Internet of Things is mainly restricted to a few businesses or fields of science. This was because operating with inter-connected devices was initially expensive and difficult to sustain. Hence many chose to stay away from the IoT model and preferred other options that offered a chance to save a lot of money. However, we can expect a few alterations shortly, especially in 2024. 

With the software and hardware necessary to run multiple devices on one interface becoming cheaper and more accessible, developers are finding new and new clients to give their services. This produces an environment where the IoT model will increasingly expand into various businesses and corporations, allowing them to improve their services and increase the model's popularity. We will see more use of the Internet of Things in the healthcare industry, where multiple devices, including those that operate in surgery, relay information and respond to changing situations instantly, or in the retail sector, where the press of a button will do the ability to produce. Your startup must then expand into the IoT model, and you must hire a competent IoT development company to build your application. You may succeed if you create a diverse business and incorporate it into a decent IoT model.


These are the significant trends that you should look forward to in 2024, and if you can plan accordingly, you will be able to make the most of these trends. Your startup depends on various factors, and it is necessary to continue reinventing and redesigning yourself, and the Internet of Things helps in this regard.