Online Seller Needs in a Website

With technology enabling shopping to be done from the comfort of one’s home, online shopping is not only booming, but is becoming absolutely essential for a business to survive. So, if you’re looking to create an online website for your store, here’s the essentials your website needs. 


One of the key aspects in creating an online store is for it to be user-friendly. An online store should be easy to navigate, easy to search and provides an experience that doesn’t put the customer off. When looking for a developer for your website, find someone with experience in Magento websites. With Magento websites keeping up with mobile web design standards, it makes the entire experience more appealing for a customer browsing through their phones, bringing more traffic to your store. Another factor to consider is also that Magento websites provide advanced SEO solutions, optimizing your website and enabling it to rank higher in terms of SEO, making it easier for customers to find you. 

Visually appealing

A website doesn’t only need to offer specific features for customers, but it also needs to look attractive to encourage customers to keep on browsing. There’s a lot of research that goes into colors, fonts, and designs used in order to make the user feel calm and enjoy their shopping experience. That’s why the design of the website and how it appears is crucial when it comes to an online seller. 


One of the most essential features that should be available in any online business is the ability to speak with a representative when something is unclear. Having to call a number or not being able to ask a question instantly can be a reason that the customer does not complete their purchase. In order to avoid missing out on sales in the future and providing excellent customer service, it is essential to have someone available to chat with when necessary. In some cases, when there is a problem with an order, it is also important to have this option to not only fix the problem straight away, but avoid the customer from posting their issue where everyone can see it, creating bad publicity.

Speedy page loading

With online stores mainly working with visuals and moving from one item to another, it is essential to have a website that loads quickly to prevent your users from getting frustrated. Being able to see the image load in real time and browse freely without having to waste time will not only provide a positive user-experience, but will also encourage the user to continue browsing through the rest of the items. Time is money and ensuring that your page loads the information needed quickly, is a great way to keep your customers coming back for more. 

Customer reviews

While this feature is a double-edged weapon, it is a great way for customers to be able to find other users just like them and get their feedback on the items they’re interested in. Instead of being skeptical of trying something for the first time, a user can browse customer reviews and be motivated to go ahead and make the purchase after hearing the feedback from real people instead of just the company itself advertising for the product. However, this feature will also give your users the chance to point out the negative features they faced as well, which could also harm your business and prevent others from buying due to previous feedback. 

Simple checkout

Making it easy for the user to pay is key for a successful online store. Giving various payment options will give your client the choice to use whatever means they feel safe and comfortable with while paying online. Your shopping cart features should also enable them to store items and revisit later instead of having to browse through the store all over again. Giving the customers the option of storing their details for faster checkout the next time they decide to visit your store, makes the entire process not only faster, but also easier and more appealing for any customer. Such features are essential for the success of any store.

You’d be surprised how much difference the little things make when providing a good user experience for your customer. An online store needs to not only look appealing, but also be easy to navigate and have certain features that makes the user feel comfortable, safe, and encouraged to continue browsing and shopping on your website. When developing your online store, it is essential to take these factors into consideration to guarantee the success of your business.