Domain Name And Brand

Your business has a small and simple name. You have to make it a brand to succeed. You can't be a brand without going online. A brand is something people love to associate with. They associate feelings, memories and ideas with the name of a business. The efforts you are putting on your digital marketing and the results you are getting play an important role in making you a brand. We are not living in the time when companies used to worry about the brand's name, logo and message on traditional channels. Companies are now engaging with customers using Facebook, Twitter and other digital channels. Businesses are investing time, money and other resources on creating and implementing marketing and branding strategies to establish a strong identity.

Marketing, promotion, branding and reputation management, it is all going on the internet. To be on the internet, you need the perfect domain name.

Your Domain Name Represents Your Identity

When online marketing is the most dominating force in the area of marketing, your domain name is a lot more than an arbitrary URL. Your website makes the backbone of your digital marketing and plays a part in building your brand. Many entrepreneurs are ready to pay thousands of dollars for the right domain name. Your domain name is going to be the best representation of your business on the web.

It is not always possible to get the exact domain you are looking for. However, you should invest in one that reflects what you represent. For example, if you are running a technology company, register a domain name starting or ending with ‘ Tech’. Sometimes, even a cheap domain purchase can do the job. 

It Sets Users Expectations

It is important that your website users have expectations from you. It is your job to set users' expectations. In the beginning, a new user may or may not know anything about your business. The user will choose a familiar domain name over an unfamiliar one. So, make sure that you are choosing a relevant domain name. This will make your users visit your website without any hesitation. The right domain name can make you a recognizable brand. A relevant domain name is not only memorable but also makes the user expect something from you. For example, if your domain name contains the word ‘travel’, it tells that your services are for vacationers and travelers. 

It Has Organic Search Value

You need a domain name because you need a website for digital marketing of your business. The goal is to get traffic to your website and make the visitor take some valuable action. This is what Search Engine Optimisation does. It helps in getting better ranking and more traffic. Your domain name is one of the ranking factors. 

Choosing The Perfect Domain Name

The following are tips for choosing a domain name that can play a critical role in making you a brand.
  • Use a branded domain name by incorporating the name of your brand in your domain name.
  • Make sure that the domain name is easy to recall and type.
  • Finding the right domain name is as important as naming a brand. So, take your time.