Are you a business owner? Are you looking forward to implementing an office telephone system inside your infrastructure? In this article, we will help you to dive a little inside the know-how of the business telephony systems, tips for using them inside of your own business and to choose the right one for your own business.

Office communication systems are used inside an organization to communicate within the different departments of an organization. It is a faster way to communicate within an enterprise rather than the traditional way of communicating over a calling system. One can use the Grandstream Phones and the Yeastar PBX office telephony communication systems to use inside their organization. They both have different advantages and fit perfectly in different types of businesses depending on their goals and the nature and size of the business. A cloud based phone system allows you to place calls over the internet without the need for on-site software.

How much does it cost to set up an office communication system?

Before investing in an office communication system, it is crucial to know the requirements of your business. You must be well aware of the fact that what is the size of your business, the total departments where you want to implement the communication system, budget constraints of the total project and if the particular office communication system is meeting your business needs. But, it can be a cumbersome task to find an affordable and the right office telephone system within the budget.
All the points like the company size, the total cost of implementing the complete system, the total cost of filling the learning gap and all the other considerations will be discussed further here. The important thing which needs to be discussed here is the average cost to pay for the telephony system.

Price Overview of Business Telephone Systems

The total cost of implementation depends on several factors such as the total size of the business including the total number of departments inside the business and the number of departments operating inside the business.
In this part of the article, we will guide you on how to estimate the total cost of setting up the system for different types and sizes of businesses and how to find the one which best suits your needs.
For example, a small business needs 20 phones as per its needs. Then, it can expect to pay around $800. On the other hand, if a micro business is also in the need of an office telephone system, then, they can expect to pay around $300 to $400.
On the other hand, medium-sized businesses normally need around 30-40 office telephone systems. It will cost around $1500-$2000. While the bigger organizations having a bigger size and a larger requirement of around 250 to 350+ phones can expect to pay a larger amount of around $10000.

How to use Office Telephone Systems correctly?

1. Reading the Manuals

After implementing your brand-new office telephone system, now it's time to get used to it. It also includes giving training and seminars about the new software being used in the office. Different office telephone systems have different levels of difficulty depending on the product and the business requirements. In order to fill this knowledge gap, the best way to start across is to start with reading the manual. Although, it is a time-consuming process but, good to start with. The next step is to read the quick start guide. Although they don’t contain the in-depth details, they contain the details just enough to get an individual to start using the system.

2. Start using the system right-away

The second step that one can follow is to directly get engaged with the technology. If one is a little technology-friendly or simply understands, he/she can start playing with it directly. It doesn’t include much technical knowledge to start but a desire to learn something new. In fact, the companies themselves encourage people to play with their gadgets and give them feedback.

3. Getting a suggestion from others

It is a great way to gather information about a system rather than contacting the company’s support and waiting hours for their reply. You can simply contact someone on social media websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., and find the people who have already used that technology or system. It is best if you have a  friend sitting next to your shoulder and ready to help you out.

4. Ask Questions

The best and effective way to get all your doubts cleared is to contact your company’s IT support team for any kind of assistance in setting up the complete system. You can also contact or visit the company directly to train you and help you in understanding the basics of the technology.

Once, you’re familiar enough with the technology you can start training your company coworkers or employees right away.