Massages are often associated with tiredness and relaxation. But they can be romantic as well if you take a couples massage package. Indian weddings are tiring with so many rituals to perform and dinners to attend. To take off the wedding pressure from the couple, gifting a couple’s massage package is a great idea. Not only you can relax, but spend some real quality time with your beloved. Couples massage packages can be gifted to anyone. You can gift to your parents who are exhausted from their daily pressure and need some fresh air along with the moments of romance. You can in fact book a proper package in a resort away from home so that they can enjoy some alone moments with each other.
Wedding season is on and everyone is looking for a perfect wedding gift for the newlyweds. People usually gift crockery, bed covers, antiques, flowers and even money on the wedding. Some close people gift honeymoon packages as gifts as well. But, not many people are aware that couples massage can be a romantic as well as an enjoyed gift for the newlyweds.
Planning a Special Retreat for your Loved Ones
Parents do a lot of stuff for their kids and family. They work day and night to support everyone. Even they deserve some time out from the daily grind. Gifting them a three day holiday which includes only relaxation would be perfect.
Kids can plan this retreat holiday for their parents in a vineyard where they can be amidst beautiful vineyards, with wine tasting and couples massage to rejuvenate them. You can ask the resort to decorate their room and offer them first class assistance so that they can have the time of their lifetime. If you feel that your parents are experiencing some health problems, you can book a spa where they can get therapeutic healing. This way they can get therapeutic treatments along with a nice holiday experience.
Booking the Right Kind of Spa for Massage
There are all kinds of spa packages available on the internet today. There are spas that offer couple massage therapies as well. So, you need to gather information about the package before you book.
Day Spa for Relaxation
There are different kinds of packages available with different price ranges. Even if you are unable to book something out of the town, you can book a 30 minute body massage or hot stone massage, Russian or Swedish massage for your parents. It completely depends on what kind of massage you are looking for. Russian and Swedish massages are known to offer relaxation because they emphasize on pain areas and body parts that are known to provide relaxation to the body.
Medical Spas
Medical spas are a lot different than regular spas. They rather use state of the technology to offer treatment to their patient. Even in medical spas, you can have pain therapy, skin therapy and other kinds of body related therapies here. It usually involves a team of doctors who consult and supervise on all the treatments. It is not necessary that all therapies are performed by doctors. Some therapies are conducted by nurses or licensed professional who is trained in the spa treatment.
Beauty Spas
If you want your parents to experience some kind of couple beauty treatment, then these day beauty spas are great for you. Day spas mostly offer services that you might expect in a salon. These beauty spas involve manicures, pedicures, body polishing, body scrubs, body massage etc. You can even get facials or laser treatments in these beauty spas. For long lasting results, it is good to gift beauty spa vouchers because they involve complex technology to provide beauty treatments.
Final Word
It all depends on what kind of massage you are looking to gift to your loved ones. Day spas are often luxurious and elegant because their prime focus is to provide first class experience to its customer. It helps in making the clients feel good. Medical spas are often gifted for more purposeful reason. Sending your loved there would mean like sending them to a clinic, but to a more elegant one. Medical spas often provide long lasting benefits as compared to other day spas. For gifting purposes, on special occasions, medical spas might not be the right choice. You may want to focus on romantic spa therapies.