Electric dog fences, especially the invisible models, regardless of their type - underground or wireless are a groundbreaking technology introduced in the pet industry! Over time, e-fences have been quite popular all over the world. Your dogs stay there and run freely inside a broader area. You'll always require no runner to keep your dog confined. An invisible electric fence will allow you to eliminate untangling the leash constantly and other likely inconveniences therein.

You have different benefits from invisible fences, but that doesn’t mean they are free from any negative. They have some odd shortcomings, too, and failure to contain the dogs inside the boundary is sometimes the most significant among them.

As pet professionals, we have heard that “My dog" runs through invisible fences! Why can't successfully confine my dog within the boundary? Why did I invest such a handsome amount behind a high-tech fence?” so many times from our clients!

We know it could be more pleasant! We used to suggest common ways to solve the problem unless it was too complicated. In fact, with some simple troubleshooting, you can resolve the issues by yourself. In the following write-up, we will discuss some troubleshooting points and check the dog brace, which might help you get the remedy. 

Current Status of the Collar-Battery

One of the main reasons the problem can arise is a weak or non-functioning battery on the dog collar. Either the battery (ies) in your dog’s collar is improperly seated or outdated and needs to be replaced.

If you find your dog running through the invisible fence, you should first check the battery's condition in the collar. It would be best to verify the collar, e.g., battery testing, according to the ownerowner'sal, using the particular collar model.

If you find the battery incorrectly seated or needs to be replaced, follow the installation instructions in the manual. Before replacing the battery, it is essential to know the type of battery the collar uses.

It is a good practice to check the battery level regularly even if you are not still facing any problems with your fence or collar. This will eventually help you eliminate any future issues. 

Current Status of the Base Station (Transmitter)

If the collar is functional and has sufficient battery power, inspect the base station of the invisible fence. A battery-powered or power supply-connected transmitter controls the signals and other issues in an invisible wall.

Check if the transmitter's power connectivity is okay. If it is battery-powered, inspect it according to the user manual to see if it has enough battery life or needs swapping out. Check for other issues that might reduce the transmitter's overall functionality.

The ownerowner'sal provides guidance, which you can apply to determine whether the system is working correctly. If you do not find any problems there, you might consider other issues. 

Other Considerable Factors

The uneven terrain is a common issue affecting an invisible fence's capacity. Drastic, uneven terrain creates boundary gaps, and using which (if your dog can identify once), your dog can smoothly run away. To fix the problem, you must change the boundary range to avoid problematic areas. It mainly happens with a wireless model of an invisible fence.

When it comes to in-ground models with a wider area coverage, the signal connectivity through the cables can be interrupted, and your dog may run through the boundary. This usually happens by accident while digging or doing any other landscaping. The base station (transmitter) well usually alerts you that there is a connectivity issue, but you have to figure out where it is before fixing it.

Your Fence Might Not Be Just the Right One for Your Dog

If you find out after a thorough inspection that everything is okay with the fence and your dog is still running through it, then there is a strong possibility that the fence is not the right one for your dog. You might buy one for your small or medium-size dogs, which you should not try for if you get a large-size dog. In that case, it requires some other model, a more powerful one. 

Last Words

If your dog is running through the invisible fence because of any of the common facts explained above, we believe you can fix it yourself. Try to follow the instructions accurately given in the product manual. If you still cannot resolve the problem or if the fence is not the right one for your dog, please consult with your vet or other fencing experts.